Jan 31, 2007

1.31.7 : BoA : Audio's return, preview & schedule

Ahoy hoy. Finally, after much consternation and work, here's the official preview for the return of BoA : Audio ...

on MP3 (right click & "save as" to download) or in Streaming Audio

The schedule for February is as follows ...

2.3.7 :: John Greenewald (Part 1 of 2), blackvault.com
2.10.7 :: John Greenewald (Part 2 of 2), young people & Ufology
2.17.7 :: Jerry E. Smith, "Weather Warfare"
2.24.7 :: Farah Yurdozu, Turkish Ufology & Esoterica

You'll be hearing from me this Saturday, 2.3.7.

I'm looking forward to speaking to you all again.


Jan 30, 2007

1.30.7 : BoA : Audio update, part deux

Sigh. I knew promising the teaser for Monday was cutting it too close. Right now, I'm tinkering with the clips and putting it together, so expect the teaser to arrive probably on Wednesday (maybe Tuesday if I have enough time tomorrow) along w. the schedule for February's shows. (Part of the reason for the teaser delay is that we just taped a new interview last night and wanted to be sure to include it in the preview.)

Nonetheless, we had a strong weekend, editing & writing the recaps for all 7 upcoming BoA : Audio episodes. And, I'm positive now that we'll be all set for the return on 2.3.7 and onward throughout the Spring.

Sorry for all this madness, folks. Someday, somehow, I'm sure it will all make more sense.


Jan 26, 2007

1.26.7 : BoA : Audio update.

(Excerpted from this week's binnall report)

I've been saying for the past couple of weeks that I've had the feeling that we were about a week behind where we wanted to be for the return of BoA : Audio. And, as our planned return got closer and closer, that feeling never quite went away.

So ... I've decided to call a last minute audible and reset the return date for BoA : Audio to 2.3.7 (i.e. next Saturday).

Luckily for us, we aren't beholden to a hard and fast deadline and can pretty much make the rules up as we go along. BoA : Audio is committed to providing quality stuff and would rather take our time, catch up to where we should be, and produce strong esoteric radio instead of being forced to half ass it in order to make a deadline which we set up in the first place.

As such, the schedule now looks like this ...

1.29.7 (Monday) :: BoA : Audio second half teaser, featuring a sampling of some of our upcoming guests.

1.31.7 (Wednesday) :: Full schedule for February unveiled @ binnallofamerica.com.

2.3.7 (Next Saturday) :: John Greenewald (Part 1 of 2)

The creator of blackvault.com and Ufology's great young hope, John Greenewald comes to BoA : Audio for an extended conversation. In our first half installment, we'll be discussing blackvault.com, it's massive document archive, the ins and outs of the FOIA, the government's reaction to John's work, and tons more regarding the esoteric institution known as blackvault.com.

His website is, of course, blackvault.com

So be sure to join us next week when we kick off the second half of underground esoteric radio known to those in the know as BoA : Audio.

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Jan 21, 2007

1.21.7 : I get letters.

(Excerpted from this week's binnall report)

I read your 2 cents worth on your little message board. And you are entitled to your opinion.

I almost feel like having the 4068 people who emailed us and was amazed by Dr. Hairfield's insight to post their opinion on your board.

But I wouldn't give you that much attention.

How many times have you been a guest on C2C? Oh, none? So you sit around and comment on those who are. Interesting life you have.

Keep up the amazing work.


My first ever "hate mail" regarding something written here in the binnall report from someone associated with the actual guest. I knew if I kept ranting and raving, eventually someone's feelings would get hurt. I just figured it would be Hoagland, that's all. Anyway, what follows is my response to Chad ...

Chad ::

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't mean to offend. It's just my opinion, as you say.

For what it's worth, I enjoyed Steven's original appearance on C2C, "Tuesday's episode was fantastic. Steven Hairfield brought the goods big time, talking about 2012. I can't quite put my finger on it, but Hairfield had a terrifying scenario and a zen peacefulness that made it a wild ride. His pontifications on the world were weighty with wisdom. Best episode of the week, by far. For what it's worth, Hairfield says that 2012 may actually be 2006, so start building your bunkers ... now." http://www.binnallofamerica.com/tbr2.17.6.html

I just didn't dig this recent appearance. Whether is was my own foul mood, as alluded to in the actual paragraph you reference or @ the beginning of the review, "So forgive me if the reviews are vague or more biting than usual, it's just how things were this week." I'm not sure.

I do know that I would have liked Hairfield to tackle his mis-step re: 2012 / 2006 head-on. He was so adamant about it in his last appearance (to a delightful degree), that to not even mention it, here still on the cusp of 2007, didn't sit right with me. Had he cleared that up right @ the beginning of the interview, I think I would have gone into it with a better point of view. Just my 2 cents.

I'm sure lots of people disagree with me re: the Hairfield episode. It wouldn't be the first time I deviated from public opinion re: a guest. I'm sure it won't be the last time either.

Re : C2C appearances and lack thereof ... Webster Tarpley, Mac Tonnies, Jerry E. Smith, Adam Gorightly, John Velez, Lisa Shiel, Stuart Miller, Joseph Farrell, James Carrion, Walt Andrus, Joe Fex, Alfred Lehmberg, and John DeCamp deserve to be on C2C, but they haven't been. That doesn't make their work any less important.

Better luck next appearance. I'll try and be in a better mood.

All the best,

Tim Binnall

After that, Chad wrote back and it appears we have worked out our differences of opinion (until he sees that I have printed his e-mail this week, of course).


Jan 16, 2007

1.16.7 : BoA : Audio teasers

Been busy as hell the last few days. Not much time to update this here blog, but wanted to post some teasers for the return of BoA : Audio, Season Two.

I have taped one lengthy interview, that will probably span two episodes, with a well known Ufologist, who we have been trying to get on the show for quite some time.

We also taped an interview, spanning a little over an hour, covering an alt. history topic, which will be revealed in due time.

So, we've got about 4 hours, total, in the can so far.

But, we're also taping an interview tomorrow, another on Saturday, and have one more scheduled for 1.30.7. Plus, we've got feelers out to some big names for future interviews and about four more books left to finish and, subsequently, schedule and tape interviews with the authors.

I've a feeling that when all is said and done with this batch of tapings, we'll be covering a lot of esoteric ground outside of the UFO phenomenon. While the first half of the season was about 75 % UFO related, I think the next half will be a more reasonable 50 / 50 mix of UFO stuff and other esoteric topics.

More info to come, when available.


Jan 10, 2007

1.10.7 : UFOs in Chicago ...

Color me unimpressed. As I emphasized in a thread on this subject over @ Imaginative Worlds, the time between Xmas and New Year's Day is usually the slowest time of the year for news (aside from your usual year end lists and what have you). It's part of the reason we know so much about Jon Benet Ramsey and Lacey Peterson (both crimes occurred around Xmas in their respective years and were subsequently all over the news).

So, I'm sad to say that I don't think this big UFO story is any harbinger of good things to come in '07 for UFOs. It is not a paradigm shift, despite how cool it was to have busted open on 1.1.7. I suspect the UFO will go back into the mothballs until another time when things are slow or there is a particularly kitschy story.

I'm not going to go into any iota of speculation on what was in the sky and all that good stuff that the talking heads like to do. As any true BoA reader knows, we're more interested in what's on the ground, not what's in the sky.

What is interesting, to me at least, is that this story broke on 1.1.7, but apparently happened around the first week in November. I'd be interested in getting the lowdown on why the lagtime in reporting on it. We saw the same sort of thing with the Pheonix Lights Case, but I've often found that sometimes mysterious circumstances end up being cleared up as rather pedestrian machinations and not as a result of some sinister cabal. Irregardless, a look @ the timeline from incident to publication would be enlightening.

Also, and kudos to IW poster "Dera" who pulled the quote, the author of the much ballyhooed (sp?) article that started all this said the following, "The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (the term that extraterrestrial-watchers nowadays prefer over Unidentified Flying Object)...

I must be out of the loop, because I've been using "UFO" all this time. Seriously, is UAP really some kind of trendy new nomenclature that I've somehow missed ? I've heard some folks in Ufology want to do away with "UFO" as a term, but intentions seemed to be as far as that movement ever went and they certainly were not advocating "UAP" as the alternative.

So those are really two interesting aspects of this story that I haven't seen discussed all that much elsewhere.


Jan 7, 2007

1.7.7 : Thoughts on Television

This ad haunted me for a whole day last week while I was checking my e-mail, which inspired me to pen the following paragraph. Sadly, I have no answers re: Food Netword being the new MTV.

I like Rachel Ray. I can't help it. I'm sorry to those of you disappointed by this news. I've really only seen like two episodes of her show, but what I did see was pretty good. She's very overexcited that would be annoying, except she's rather cute in a girl next door sort of way. I must have a thing for female chefs, because I also really dig Gail Simmons, of Top Chef fame. Unfortunately, I don't have much time for daytime TV, so I will have to catch RR in those times when you end up stuck watching TV at a random place (waiting room, someone else's house, etc.)

In other TV news, I am going to Tivo the new season of 24 and give it a chance. I didn't watch seasons 1 to 5 (despite it being on ad nauseum in syndication). Hopefully I can still get into it.

Also, I will try and watch The Apprentice : LA, because I enjoy a well structured reality show. While I'm not a huge Apprentice fan, I find that if I give up on it for a season or two, then come back to it, it's pretty good.

I've been watching a lot of the show Masterminds as well. That's on Court TV and, I believe, in syndication as well.

Other shows I enjoy that I may comment on in this blog from time to time ...

Lost, Heroes, Survivor, Law and Order : SVU, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Big Brother, and a few others I can't think of right now.


Jan 5, 2007

Noory / binnall Summit

(Excerpted from this week's binnall report)

Yes, kids, it happened.

So, I was in San Diego from 12.14 to 12.28 and, during my visit, none other than George "The Noor" Noory was also in town for a "Worker in the Light" book signing.

Keeping the details to a minimum, suffice it to say, there was a decent sized audience of creepy to not-quite-so creepy Coast fans in attendance to meet and greet with The Noor. After a brief Q & A period, featuring such gems as "Where did you come from ?" and "Thank you for the bumper music." (That's not even a question, sir), Noory got around to signing books. During the Q & A, I wanted to stand up and ask Noory an actually relevant question, but I was afraid of being bludgeoned to death by a horde of angry Nooryheads.

Following a lengthy and surreal wait in line, which saw me meeting someone who is apparently a BoA : Audio listener and taking a pic with him. (Yes, I'm a quasi-celebrity now. I can die in peace.) I finally met The Noor.

Think of Ralphie from a Christmas Story after he finally gets up there to meet Santa. What does one say to a Nighthawk ? Well, first I told him my name. Then, he just about jumped out his chair and yelped, "Tim Binnall !" in his trademark Noory "excited" style. Apparently, he knows of binnall. That exchange ranks up there with some of the strangest experiences of my life. I wasn't quite sure what to say after that, but we gabbed for a brief moment while the Nooryheads behind me in line cursed my name for taking so long. And then I was whisked off, away from the rarefied air that surrounded the leather jacket clad Noor.

I wouldn't be surprised to see our talks continue with a follow up Noory / binnall summit sometime in 2007.

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Jan 1, 2007


The first day of the year and I slept until 3 in the afternoon. What a world.

Today I had a revelation that I've underrated or underestimated (I'm not sure which it is), Bachman Turner Overdrive. They have quite a catalog of songs I enjoy. I think it's because I get BTO confused with ELO, so they don't get enough credit with me or something. I'm sure it happens to the best of us.

These are the kinds of exciting insights you can come to expect from the binnall blog in 2007. Plus, I'm sure I'll have other stuff to say.