Feb 8, 2007

2.8.7 : Lost 3.7 Thoughts

I find myself posting in-depth, somewhat, thoughts on Lost at various message boards where I frequent. I figured that the "binnall blog" would be a good place to house these thoughts in a long term capacity.

Here now are my thoughts on last night's return episode (3.7) ...

I enjoyed the return episode quite a bit more than I expected to. As usual, lots of food for thought.

Hands down, the best part was when Benry Gale woke up on the operating table. His subsequent conversation with Jack was both hilarious and creepy. "It's very clever of you. I should have seen it coming." When Jack asks if he's in pain and he's like "no, but thanks all the same" and, finally, "from one gentleman to another." I was cracking up but also riveted.

And, as expected, Benry orchestrates his own escape because he is, of course, a twisted genius.

The Juliet backstory was interesting, but I've spent the last six episodes hating her, so it was hard to empathise with her. Be that as it may, anytime I see Oz's sinister Mayor Devlin (who played her ex-husband), I'll take it. Now if only someone could find Poet.

I am liking how it turns out that she's wants to "go home" as much as Jack does. I really want to see the requisite other flashback from Juliet that will show when she realizes that she's been duped and that she's stuck there and also explains her relationship with Ben more.

Also, I presume based on what Tom said as to "why they don't take him to a specialist", something went wrong post-Hatch implosion and now they really are stuck on the Island somehow. Though that's all very nebulous at this point.

Jack's quasi-friendly repoire with Tom (who is also becoming a great character). The effect this whole Ben / surgery fiasco had on him (remember he married his now ex-wife following a similar trauma). His fresh, white Dharma scrubs @ the end of the episode. His declaration that Kate never come back for him. Yes, he's going Other. When the Losties come back for him, he'll be a hardcore Other.

Nice to see Mac from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". He was reading "A Brief History of Time". That seems to tie into the "time motif" that is becoming more prevalent this season.

The weird "Clockwork Orange" thing, I don't know what to make of yet. It seemed almost ghetto, like anyone would try that to brainwash, but I have learned, so far, not to doubt the Others. I can't be bothered to look through all the clips, but I did see the mysterious name Jacob once again.

The preview for next week (or rest of season maybe) showed Juliet in handcuffs (or at least restrained), so I guess that Ben's mad about the whole murder plot thing. Now that Ben doesn't have the tumor and Juliet has been outed as a rat, of sorts, Pickett's dead, Kate and Sawyer have escaped, and there's no reason for Jack to be around anymore, and a bunch of angry Losties who will be on the offensive against the Others ... I've a feeling the s***'s going to hit the fan. The sideroad that the end of Season Two went down w. the capture of the trio, seems to finally be closing in on the mainroad of the series and tying some loose ends together.

Fun episode. I'm looking forward to wrapping my brain around 15 more.



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