Feb 21, 2007

2.21.7 : binnall blog continues ...

Further evidence that I am a clown shoe.

No "Lost thoughts" from last week, because I hated the episode. Normally, I'm all about Lost, but this past week just sucked. So bad, in fact, that it stunted the binnall blog here and I ended up not posting anything because my OCD refused to allow me to continue onward and just skip the "Lost thoughts" for episode 3.8.

Luckily, for all of us, my guilt defeated the OCD and now I am back to grace the world of blogdom with my off-topic (esoteric-wise) thoughts. 1000 apologies to all the readers of this quasi-secret blog.

"Lost thoughts" will return soon, maybe by this time tomorrow. I've been meaning to put down into words my thoughts on the film "Bring It On" for a very long time, perhaps even before I got into the esoteric. So maybe I will get around to doing that soon.

The gist of it all is, never fear, I still have crap to rant about here on the binnall blog, so stay tuned.

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