Jan 30, 2007

1.30.7 : BoA : Audio update, part deux

Sigh. I knew promising the teaser for Monday was cutting it too close. Right now, I'm tinkering with the clips and putting it together, so expect the teaser to arrive probably on Wednesday (maybe Tuesday if I have enough time tomorrow) along w. the schedule for February's shows. (Part of the reason for the teaser delay is that we just taped a new interview last night and wanted to be sure to include it in the preview.)

Nonetheless, we had a strong weekend, editing & writing the recaps for all 7 upcoming BoA : Audio episodes. And, I'm positive now that we'll be all set for the return on 2.3.7 and onward throughout the Spring.

Sorry for all this madness, folks. Someday, somehow, I'm sure it will all make more sense.



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