Oct 7, 2007

10.7.7 : Mass UFO Show / Monster Mash preview

I am now 100% confirmed to be in attendance at the esoteric double-bill that is the Mass UFO Show / Monster Mash in nearby Watertown, Massachusetts, next weekend (October 12th & 13th). Having spoken with conference organizer, John Horrigan, I've been assured that BoA will be allowed nearly unfettered access to the event, allowing your humble correspondent some really cool behind the scenes insight into the festivities.

This second annual event is New England's largest paranormal conference. It's the perfect opportunity for the many esoteric enthusiasts in the area to convene, discuss the paranormal, and have some fun. Last year's version was a pretty big success and generated a ton of buzz, so I expect that this year's installment will be more of the same. From what I understand, tickets are still available, but are going fast, which is always a good sign.

Without any further superfluous discussion, let's take a look at some of the esoteric happenings scheduled for this jam packed weekend ...

Friday night's Mass UFO Show kicks off @ 7 PM and features an interesting crew of UFO researchers. For starters, former BoA : Audio guest Chris Styles will be discussing the famous Shag Harbour UFO case. Don Ledger will be talking about the "black triangle" phenomenon. Carl Feindt will be there to talk about the USO (Unidentified Submarine Objects) enigma, one of the UFO field's less discussed peripheral mysteries. Nancy Talbott will be covering the Crop Circle phenomenon. And, the event's host John Horrigan will be revealing, for the first time ever, his footage from the Roswell 50th anniversary, including what has been dubbed the "controversial press conference". The night will be co-hosted by Matt Moniz, who has been involved in a number of key UFO cases over the years.

I'm looking forward to meeting Chris Styles after talking to him, at length, on a number of occassions last Spring. All of the presentations sound interesting, but Carl Feindt's session on USOs piques my interest the most, since that phenomenon remains on the edge of most UFO discussion. It should be an enlightening evening all around.

Saturday night, beginning @ 6 PM, is the Mass Monster Mash, which is devoted to a mix of cryptozoology and ghostly type stuffs. The big draw is, of course, esoteric superstar Loren Coleman, who has done a ton of research on the various mysteries in New England and will be talking about the Dover Demon in what is billed as a "rare Boston appearance". Other presenters include Jeff Belanger, discussing poltergeists, Don Keating covering the Ohio Bigfoot, and Karen Mossey talking about EVPs.

Additionally, Tom D'Agostino, author of "Haunted Rhode Island", Kristyn Gartland, a member of the TAPS franchise from "Ghost Hunters" infamy, and Chris Pittman, Bridgewater Triangle expert, are also scheduled for appearances in roles billed as "Special Guests" for the Mass Monster Mash.

Another special guest will be my friend Christopher Balzano, of Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads, who has three new books that are set to roll out starting in early 2008. He's also been waiting patiently for me to get him a copy of that After Dark article I wrote about our trip to the Bridgewater Triangle last April, so I can finally cross that off my "to do" list.

On top of all that, the esoteric radio show "Spooky Southcoast" will be broadcasting from the event throughout the weekend. I've heard a lot of good things about SS over the past few months, so it should be cool to hear their show and see them doing it in person. Along with the speakers and special guests, there will also be "a trivia contest, souvenirs, concessions, exhibits, a slideshow, and a Q&A session" scheduled for both nights of the conference. In total, it sounds like a killer weekend of esoterica and entertainment.

As long-time BoA readers may recall from my previous writings, the real thrill of an event like this is seeing the people in attendance. Despite how pervasive BoA has been on the national stage, I'm not a big socializer in the Massachusetts pararnormal scene. So there is a pretty rich community here in the Bay State that I have yet to explore and I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the regional talent that has done a great job of investigating our local mysteries. Hopefully, some of these meetings will bring about some new avenues for BoA to explore in 2008 and beyond.

Ticket Information :: Prior to this past week, the Mass UFO Show / Mass Monster Mash made tickets available only via pre-order on the web, but now their site is saying that "a limited number of tickets will be sold at the door". Be forwarned that only 200 tickets, total, are available, so if you are planning on attending, you better act quick before there is no more room available. Tickets are a mere $25 per night, which makes this event emminently affordable for people want to attend, especially since most other conferences take place on the West coast and require a plethora of expenses.

All information on tickets & directions can be found @ the appropriate websites : Mass UFO Show / Monster Mash

Should you decide to make it to the big event and you see me, feel free to say hello. I'll be lurking somewhere in the building.

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