Oct 13, 2007

10.13.7 : Mass UFO Show / Monster Mash Pics

Stories & recap to follow soon.

binnall & Loren Coleman

Chris Styles & binnall

binnall & Matt Moniz of "Spooky Southcoast"

binnall & Chris Balzano of "Mass Paranormal Crossroads"

binnall & Don Keating

Carl Feindt, Don Ledger, and binnall

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Blogger Loren Coleman said...


It was great meeting you there. I enjoy talking to you indepth about a wide-range of intriguing topics.

You're the first to post photographs, it appears, and the only radio journalist there to capture interviews. I'm sure people will want to listen to the ones you obtained with you direct and fluid sytle. Good work.

It was worthful to see the conference honored you with recognition plaques on both nights. You deserved them.

BTW, for those wondering if this was a male-only gathering, there were women attending, and even a couple speaking, but they apparently were more camera shy. :-)

1:25 PM  
Blogger Tina Sena said...

Hello Tim,
I had a great time too. Thanks for the heads up. I was a fangirl all the way when I saw Loren Coleman, a very personable, professional and brilliant researcher. I also had the opportunity to talk with Chris Styles and James Boyd was equally enthralling. I am still trying to put my thoughts onto paper, but in sum total, it was great to be there. I'll be sure and reserve the day next year.


11:02 PM  

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