Feb 26, 2007

2.26.7 : Lost 3.9 Thoughts

In bullet form, since I'm doing this so far after the episode ...

* How many more times must I predict it, until it becomes so ? This episode may be looked back on as the tipping point in the Jack switcheroo to Otherdom. As Jack is prone to doing, he's now all mixed up in the affairs of Ben, Juliet, and wacky gay Tom. Coupled with what we've found out about Ben's interpretation of "home" and the weepy music @ the end of the episode, I think we've seen the last of the Jack we've grown to know over the last 2 seasons. Bring on evil, brainwashed Other Jack. Given that it's Lost, I could also see him being evil Other Jack for a few episodes then revealing that he's been fooling the Others all along. I'm prepared for that madness, trust me.

* Juliet ... still evil, I swear. Something just doesn't sit right with me about her. Some are thinking that since we didn't really "see" her trial, it could all have been another elaborate Other's farce. But, I can't see how the branding works into that theory (unless it is some kind of "high honor", but that would be a stretch). Be that as it may, she's evil and she's played her role of ensnaring Jack into the Others perfectly (which I think was her job all along).

* Ben remains both an evil and comic genius. His exasperated "Does Isabel have a walkie ?!" almost made me shit my pants with laughter, as did the whole exchange with Jack. Speaking of which, the whole play that he has apparently done with semantics ("I'll get you off this Island" and "I'll take you home") is just brilliant. You could kind of see on his face a look like, "huh ... oh shit" when Juliet said, "Ben calls it 'home'".

* I don't know what to make of Cindy and the kids. It seems like they are just integrated into the Others now. I presume they were meant to watch the Juliet trial, but Cindy sounded as confused as I am about what they were there to watch. I does tie up the loose end of the feet in the jungle w. the teddy bear (from Season 2), with it coming back in this episode, we know that that wasn't some other group of Others. At least it gives an indications that the writers are coming around on some of the mysteries.

* If I didn't know any better, I'd swear the Sheriff was a dude. With Ben and Tom becoming more likeable by the episode, I guess the show needed a stronger bad guy character. I thought the introduction of some kind of "law and order" in the Others was an intriguin, and unforeseen, twist. It will be interesting to see if she plays a larger part in future storylines or if she'll fade into the background once everyone goes back to Otherville. Am I the only one who remembers the creepy Mrs. Klugh ?

* I noticed a theme of tribal warfare moreso than usual in this episode. Especially when Alex asked why Jack saved Ben, "after all he's done to you and your people". And when Karl said the Others give the kids a better life than the Losties.

* A lot of people are mad that Sawyer let Karl go (thinking it was a dumb move), but I have no problems with it. Karl's answers were awful and appropriately vague and once he danced around the first few questions, I knew they weren't going to get anything more out of him.

* Tom hovering over Ben with an umbrella @ the end of the episode. I'm not sure if Lost can get any better than that moment.

* Speaking of Tom, it's clear he's almost becoming a Jack sympathizer. Especially when he was all impressed "Ben said you got into the surveilance room", then snuck over to the side of the cage to ask why Jack saved Kate and Sawyer. God damn, they better give us a Tom flashback because he's quickly becoming one of the more fascinating characters of the series considering his airtime v. background information.

* I loathe the Sawyer / Kate love storyline. It just complicated the whole escape. And, Kate is a moron for wanting to go back and save Jack without rounding up Locke and Sayid (at least).

* This episode really closed the book on the 1st half (or so) of the season. Looking forward to how the rest of it plays out.

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