Jan 21, 2007

1.21.7 : I get letters.

(Excerpted from this week's binnall report)

I read your 2 cents worth on your little message board. And you are entitled to your opinion.

I almost feel like having the 4068 people who emailed us and was amazed by Dr. Hairfield's insight to post their opinion on your board.

But I wouldn't give you that much attention.

How many times have you been a guest on C2C? Oh, none? So you sit around and comment on those who are. Interesting life you have.

Keep up the amazing work.


My first ever "hate mail" regarding something written here in the binnall report from someone associated with the actual guest. I knew if I kept ranting and raving, eventually someone's feelings would get hurt. I just figured it would be Hoagland, that's all. Anyway, what follows is my response to Chad ...

Chad ::

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't mean to offend. It's just my opinion, as you say.

For what it's worth, I enjoyed Steven's original appearance on C2C, "Tuesday's episode was fantastic. Steven Hairfield brought the goods big time, talking about 2012. I can't quite put my finger on it, but Hairfield had a terrifying scenario and a zen peacefulness that made it a wild ride. His pontifications on the world were weighty with wisdom. Best episode of the week, by far. For what it's worth, Hairfield says that 2012 may actually be 2006, so start building your bunkers ... now." http://www.binnallofamerica.com/tbr2.17.6.html

I just didn't dig this recent appearance. Whether is was my own foul mood, as alluded to in the actual paragraph you reference or @ the beginning of the review, "So forgive me if the reviews are vague or more biting than usual, it's just how things were this week." I'm not sure.

I do know that I would have liked Hairfield to tackle his mis-step re: 2012 / 2006 head-on. He was so adamant about it in his last appearance (to a delightful degree), that to not even mention it, here still on the cusp of 2007, didn't sit right with me. Had he cleared that up right @ the beginning of the interview, I think I would have gone into it with a better point of view. Just my 2 cents.

I'm sure lots of people disagree with me re: the Hairfield episode. It wouldn't be the first time I deviated from public opinion re: a guest. I'm sure it won't be the last time either.

Re : C2C appearances and lack thereof ... Webster Tarpley, Mac Tonnies, Jerry E. Smith, Adam Gorightly, John Velez, Lisa Shiel, Stuart Miller, Joseph Farrell, James Carrion, Walt Andrus, Joe Fex, Alfred Lehmberg, and John DeCamp deserve to be on C2C, but they haven't been. That doesn't make their work any less important.

Better luck next appearance. I'll try and be in a better mood.

All the best,

Tim Binnall

After that, Chad wrote back and it appears we have worked out our differences of opinion (until he sees that I have printed his e-mail this week, of course).



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