Jan 16, 2007

1.16.7 : BoA : Audio teasers

Been busy as hell the last few days. Not much time to update this here blog, but wanted to post some teasers for the return of BoA : Audio, Season Two.

I have taped one lengthy interview, that will probably span two episodes, with a well known Ufologist, who we have been trying to get on the show for quite some time.

We also taped an interview, spanning a little over an hour, covering an alt. history topic, which will be revealed in due time.

So, we've got about 4 hours, total, in the can so far.

But, we're also taping an interview tomorrow, another on Saturday, and have one more scheduled for 1.30.7. Plus, we've got feelers out to some big names for future interviews and about four more books left to finish and, subsequently, schedule and tape interviews with the authors.

I've a feeling that when all is said and done with this batch of tapings, we'll be covering a lot of esoteric ground outside of the UFO phenomenon. While the first half of the season was about 75 % UFO related, I think the next half will be a more reasonable 50 / 50 mix of UFO stuff and other esoteric topics.

More info to come, when available.



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