Jul 17, 2008

7.17.8: BoA:Audio season finale preview

Season III Audio Wrap Up & Finale Preview ::
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THIS SUNDAY (7.20.8) : The season finale of BoA:Audio, Season III featuring ...

Jacques Vallee,


Messengers of Deception & The Alien Contact Trilogy

An episode nine months in the making, it's the season finale of BoA:Audio, Season III featuring the iconic Jacques Vallee.

In this nearly two-hour conversation, we'll be covering a plethora of topics related to Vallee's groundbreaking research. Among the topics discussed: the impetus for the "Vallee renaissance" of the last year, an in-depth examination of the problems with the ETH theory of UFOs, Vallee on contemporary Ufology & the media, and how UFO studies have changed over the last 20 years.

Additionally, we'll have a thorough look at a number of highlights and themes found in Messengers of Deception and the Alien Contact Trilogy including Vallee's prescient research on UFO cults, why proving UFOs are real is no longer relevant since the public already believes they exist, use of scientific equipment on UFO investigations, the "six social effects caused by belief in UFOs," specialization in Ufology and why Jacques thinks that has changed for the better, the French close encounter wave of the 1950's, and classic scholars whose work mirrored contemporary Ufology.

We'll also find out what Jacques meant by his famous quote "I'm certain that UFOs are reality, but I'll be disappointed if they turn out to be only spacecraft from outerspace," Occam's Razor and UFOs, sincerity of witnesses, the paradox of UFOs breaking the perceived "non-involvement" policy that many in Ufology claim they adhere to, cattle mutilations, the nature of government UFO documents, and Ufologists driven by the need for vindication.

And, as always, tons and tons more.

Jul 16, 2008

7.16.8: Finale previews coming tomorrow

Wouldn't you know it ... the day after I posted the finale schedule, three family members from Canada arrive for a visit, along with a simultaneous visit from my two cousins from California, all of this drawing the various aunts, cousins, and even grandma to the BoA homestead on Monday and Tuesday night.

Luckily, I managed to finish editing (and writing the recap for) the finale yesterday afternoon while they were all out sightseeing. And, they all left this morning, so peace and quiet has returned to BoA:HQ for now.

The preview songs have been picked, now it is just a matter of shaking off my slight hangover from last night and mustering the energy to get creative. I expect that I will dive head-first into the audio previews later this evening and have them posted tomorrow @ BoA.

The actual posting of the finale is still on schedule for this coming Sunday, 7.20.

Jul 13, 2008

7.13.8: BoA:Audio season finale: status report

Just popping in here with a status report on the season finale of BoA:Audio, Season III.

Since we were delayed by 3 days with our posting of the penultimate episode with Linda Moulton Howe, along with Summer distractions that we haven't faced before (but are this year since we are going so late into July) and an uptick in my off-site work for the month, the final schedule for the season finale is as follows ...

Wednesday, 7.16.8 :: text preview / audio recap of Season III & audio preview of finale

Sunday, 7.20.8 :: official release of the season finale w. Jacques Vallee

I've edited a quarter of the interview so far and it is outstanding and illuminating already. The editing of the remainder of the show ought to be done by Monday evening.

In truth, we probably could have rushed out the episode in time for release by Tuesday, but I much prefer to take my time with the final edit of the interview, ensuring that it sounds the best that it can. And I also need the additional time to put together the season recap and finale audio preview (something we haven't done since Season Two).

I believe that the release of the final episode of the season should be placed in the proper context as the culmination of 9 months worth of 31 episodes and that the additional "buffer zone" of a few extra days does just that.

Hopefully, our listeners won't mind the slight delay, especially after they've heard the interview. Trust me ... it's worth the brief wait.

Jul 5, 2008

7.5.8: Linda Moulton Howe on BoA:Audio :: Preview

This week's episode will be posted Monday night. Sorry for the delay, it's been a hectic weekend.

THIS WEEK: Linda Moulton Howe, earthfiles.com, Ufology

The incomparable Linda Moulton Howe comes to BoA:Audio for a truly unique episode of the show. LMH details her entrance and evolution in the world of high strangeness, an in-depth recounting of her infamous meeting with Richard Doty in 1983, whether she regrets entering the "earth mysteries" field, why she keeps researching high strangeness, her perspective on being a prominent woman in Ufology, where she sees the field going in the future and much, much more.

It's an episode of BoA:Audio that must be heard to be believed.


NEXT WEEK: The season finale of BoA:Audio, Season III featuring ...

Jacques Vallee,


Messengers of Deception & The Alien Contact Trilogy

Detailed text & audio previews forthcoming this week.