Jan 26, 2008

1.26.8: BoA:Audio update &
In-House Notes

Ahoy hoy, my friends. Yes, it is my birthday. I'm an old fuck now. Forgive me if I start to forget stuff or develop incontinence.

BoA:Audio returns next week (2.2.8)

The 2.2.8 guest will be UFOMystic's own Greg Bishop. We'll be doing an in-depth look @ 2007 in Ufology, from the O'Haire story in January of '07 to Japan's UFO "disclosure" in December of '07 and all the big stories in between. This is definitely a loose edition of the show, more like a conversation, where Greg and I give some big picture analysis to the top UFO stories of 2007 and what they really mean in the long run for the UFO scene. Plus, at the end there is some discussion on Lohn John Nebel and contactees. In total, the interview runs well over 2 hours, so it's a big one and the perfect episode to kick off the 2nd half of Season III.

I was weary of doing a 2007 recap episode, but then searched around online and couldn't find any good '07 Ufology recap, at least from the perspective that I wanted to tackle, so I think this episode will be enjoyed by UFO aficionados who listen to BoA:Audio.

After the 2.2.8 episode, we already have a bunch of new stuff taped, including a couple of interviews dealing with esoterica's field du jour: ghost hunting. We'll explore this red hot genre with a science based ghost researcher and an A-list name in the ghost field. Despite not being a huge fan of that aspect of esoterica, I enjoyed both interviews immensely and we really took a nice look, from afar, at what has become esoterica's break-out field over the last few years.

In addition to that, we've got a massive interview with a fairly new player on the international UFO scene. This guest will be giving his first ever American interview. Chances are that you haven't heard of him yet, but I'm hoping that this interview will help to establish him on the American Ufology map. As an added teaser, I'll say that the interview establishes a BoA beachhead on a whole new continent, where we have yet to venture in our quest for global esoteric guests.

Plus, we've got an assload of interviews that are in the finalization phase, so I expect to be taping pretty regularly for the next month, at least. More details to follow in the days and weeks to come.

binnall on Spooky Southcoast

As mentioned last week, I was an in-studio guest on the Spooky Southcoast radio show, which emanates from WBSM, here in Massachusetts. Having done all my previous interviews on podcasts and running my own podcast, it was nice to see "how the other half lives" and the inner workings of a terrestrial radio show.

You can find my appearance, complete with MP3 download and Streaming Audio capabilities HERE. I was only on briefly @ the beginning of the show and then quite a bit during the 2nd hour. My good friend Chris Balzano was also a guest.

I should also mention that I spend some time this past month giving the SSC website a complete makeover and trying to develop into a more user-friendly site, with a completely work-able archive (something they didn't have before) and MP3 downloads for each episode. So if you check out the site, you'll probably notice a heavy BoA influence, since I am the one who designed it.

BoA:D.C. is coming in February

I don't have too much to report about our exciting new project, BoA:D.C., except to show off the logo. I expect to really be diving into work on it this coming week, so we should have more info soon. I can say that it will be cool and it will be unveiled in February at some point.

Other Stuff

Not much else going on, really. I want to give kudos to the great BoA staff who have been doing the bulk of the updates @ BoA this month while I have been working on gathering up new interviews for BoA:Audio. Lesley, Khyron, Regan, Tina, and our newest columnist Richelle, have been rolling out some awesome material week in and week out. You definitely want to check out their columns @ BoA.

I'm looking forward to the return of Lost on Thursday. I probably won't have the detailed "Lost Thoughts" that I did last season, but I may find a way to slip some thoughts onto the blog somewhere.

Till next week when the show resumes, this is binnall wishing you a great week and signing off.

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Jan 24, 2008

1.24.8: Is Bigfoot on Mars ?

Special thanks to theusofe.com member redsonsuperman who inspired this satirical side-by-side analysis.

The stunning news of a mysterious "figure" found on a Mars rover picture has captured interest around the world and created fevered speculation in the world of esoterica.

A careful analysis of the picture brings us to a stark question that is being asked in whispers throughout the paranormal universe ...

Of course, such a bold inquiry brings with it a plethora of additional questions which have wide ranging ramifications in esoterica.

Such as ...

Will this new evidence inspire the "dream team" pairing of Loren Coleman and Richard C. Hoagland ?

Would Bigfoot's fur coat help protect it from harsh Martian winters ?

Can Bigfoot survive in the desert like climates of Mars ?

Are reports of red-haired Bigfoot around the world actually documented sightings of the Martian Bigfoot ?

How does the Martian Bigfoot fit into the cryptoterrestrial theories of Mac Tonnies ?

Did Bigfoot build the Face on Mars ?

Is Bigfoot behind the NASA cover-up of the structures of Cydonia ?

Was the demise of the Beagle 2 probe a result of a Bigfoot attack ?

Does Bigfoot travel between the planets or are Earth-bound Bigfoot separated from their Martian brethren ?

Don't be surprised if the mainstream media glosses over the obvious Bigfoot on Mars connection. This information is far too mind blowing for Joe Six Pack in Middle America to handle.

We are truly through the looking glass, here, people and the picture is Bigfoot on Mars.

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Jan 19, 2008

1.19.8: BoA on SSC and In-House Notes

I'm heading down to Southeastern MA tonight with my friend Christopher Balzano. He'll be the guest on the Spooky Southcoast radio show on WBSM AM in Fairhaven, MA. The show airs from 10 PM to Midnight (ET) and you can find listening information on their site.

I've recently become acquainted with the SSC crew, as I've spent the last couple of weeks giving their website a full re-design (to be unveiled on 1.26.8), and they've asked me to join in on the episode tonight, so I may pop-in at some point during their broadcast, though I'm not sure how extensive my involvement will be.

I'll have details post-show for folks who may want to check out my appearance or the Spooky Southcoast program, in general.

BoA In-House Notes

BoA:Audio returns on 2.2.8. Our guest will be ufomystic's own Greg Bishop for a lengthy discussion on the past year in Ufology. We'll talk about all the major UFO stories from 2007 and what they mean to the big picture of Ufology. More details next week, when we roll out a more formal preview.

We're right in the thick of production on new episodes of BoA:Audio. We've taped the Greg Bishop episode and another episode covering a new topic, for us, ghost hunting. I'm also taping an interview with a major name in the ghost genre next week as well, so we'll be delving into that realm for a bit during the 2nd half of Season III. Plus, I've been very busy tracking down new and exotic international guests for interview to air sometime in the not too distant future.

I'm also in the beginning stages of a new project that we are tenatively calling "BoA:D.C." I'll have more information on that very soon, but for now I can just say that it will be a different genre for BoA and will open up the franchise to a whole new audience to discover our off-kilter brand of esoteric entertainment.

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Jan 2, 2008

1.2.8 : Happy New Year & In-House Notes

Yeah, a little late with the New Year well wishes, but that's life. I hope you and yours had a great holiday season. Now ... onto 2008.

Khyron is still off for the holidays, so I figured I'd pontificate some here @ the binnall blog to fill some space @ BoA on the second day of the new year.

Upcoming @ BoA on Friday is the debut of our newest columnist Richelle Hawks who will be penning the weekly missive Medusa's Ladder. I'm thrilled to be kicking off 2008 @ BoA with Richelle's debut. She's a tremendous writer and I'm looking forward to seeing what she brings to the site week in and week out.

Saturday will see our annual look back at the past year @ BoA, as we did in 2005 and 2006. I'll save my big picture reflections on BoA for that piece.

One thing that I will discuss here is the revival of the binnall blog in 2007. At the risk of breaking the 4th wall too much, I would classify it as a modest success. On the one hand, I did manage to stay updating the blog throughout the year, but it has kind of melded too much into just a BoA:Audio preview and In-House Notes page. I will be doing my best to change that in '08, hoping to add more Feature Articles here and revive that part of BoA that has gone kind of dormant since around 2006 when the audio series starting taking away most of my time.

To that end, I am working on a couple of new pieces. One may turn into a multi-part affair where I look @ Ufology in 2007 and the other is a newfangled conspiracy theory that I have invented but don't really believe (you'll understand when you read it). I'm hesitant to even put a date on when those may be available for mass consumption, but I'd say within the next 10 days they ought to be more fleshed out.

Presumably by Sunday, we'll finish our annual "scrub down" of BoA, updating the general pages and tinkering with the look of the site. You may noticed this with the addition of the longer section for "Last 10 Updates" on the front page. Hopefully it will add to a feeling of freshness as the year begins to unfold.

On the BoA:Audio front, there's not much to report, aside from general inquiries being put out to various prospective guests. I am hopeful to be taping some stuff next week, but that depends on how quickly folks react to my requests. I will say that we have high hopes of continuing the international flavour that BoA:Audio has enjoyed in December with the UK's Nick Pope and Nick Redfern. I'm also trying to twist Lesley's arm and get her to do her first ever interview, but she's a tough negotiator, so I can't make any promises just yet.

I'll leave you with a plug for the BoA forum (known as theusofe.com). I don't do enough to promote it, which is unfortunate, since we have a great gang of folks that hang out there and post about esoterica, pop culture, BoA, and current events. It's definitly as off-kilter as BoA, as our current logo suggests. So check it out, register (it's free) and join in the discussion.