Oct 26, 2007

10.26.7 : Karyn Dolan on BoA : Audio preview

It's been another crazy week here @ BoA HQ, though that has something to do with a little thing called the World Series, baby! As noted here at the beginning of the month, the Red Sox being in the playoffs causes a serious work stoppage here @ the HQ, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm sure that I will have much more to say about the Sox in the Series sometime next week, after it all winds down.

As such, there is a very good chance that this week's episode of BoA : Audio will be posted at some point after the Saturday night Red Sox game has concluded. Probably Sunday morning-ish.

Anyway, onto the preview for the 10.27.7 episode ...

This Week : BoA : Audio welcomes one of the Summer of 2007's breakout esoteric stars, Karyn Dolan, host of the podcast series "Through the Keyhole". We'll be discussing what made her decide to enter the UFO field, the dynamics of being the spouse of a UFO researcher, various aspects of her podcast series such as how she decides what guests to have on the show, women in Ufology, Exopolitics, the pros and cons of UFO conferences, the fragmentation of UFO studies, potential desensitization of children to the UFO phenomenon, plus tons and tons more.

Karyn Dolan's website is keyholepublishing.com

Next Week: BoA : Audio revisits our Summer expedition as Danny Hennigar joins BoA : Audio to discuss the Oak Island Mystery. We are going to explore this over 200 year old esoteric landmark, including how it all started, how it has evolved over the years, the popular theories as to what is at the bottom of the Oak Island Money Pit, the famous Oak Island side stories like the death of Robert Restall, Nolan's Cross, and Borehole 10x. Plus we are going to find out the latest news on what is going on @ Oak Island today. And, of course, tons and tons more. This is a richly detailed edition of BoA : Audio, covering an often over-looked realm of esoterica: Oak Island.

His website is oakislandsociety.ca

Other Notes: Since last week, we've edited all but one 3 hour episode of BoA : Audio, so from here on out, we expect our usual musical previews to be back up and running. I presume that we will go back and put together some musical previews for the Jim Marrs and Karyn Dolan episodes as well.

Plus, the docket of to-be-taped interviews is growing fast. We've lined up some spectacular names for the December / January episodes that you'll be hearing before you know it.

Stay tuned, the madness has just begun.


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