Oct 19, 2007

10.19.7 : Jim Marrs on BoA : Audio, Season III preview

It's been such an insane week here @ BoA HQ that a lot of the pre-season hype has fallen to the wayside. Instead, we'll leave you with this text preview of tomorrow's BoA : Audio, Season III premiere with our special guest Jim Marrs ...

For the third year in a row, BoA : Audio kicks off its new season with legendary esoteric researcher Jim Marrs. This time around the bend, we'll be discussing Psi Spies, which was re-released this past Summer with a wealth of new material.

In our conversation, we discuss the US Army Remote Viewing program, its birth, evolution, and demise. We delve into the weirder elements, like international Psi spy confrontations, the Enigma file, the curious case of Phobos II, and how the UFO phenomenon fits into the Psi Spy story. We'll also the controversy within the RV community, once the Psi Spy unit disbanded, and how the field has changed since moving into the private sector. Plus, thoughts from Jim on the past year in Ufology & the 911 Movement, and, of course, tons and tons more.

Jim Marrs website is

Next Week :: TBA tomorrow. We're still fine tuning the schedule.

Other Notes :: As of this writing, we literally have the next 8 weeks of BoA : Audio, Season III taped. I've fallen somewhat behind on the post-production end, hence the lack of teasers, schedule, or even a Hot Newz this week. That said, I'd rather have this problem than the problem of having nothing to follow up our season premiere.

I know Hot Newz will be back next week and I'll be spending most of Sunday and Monday editing the episodes we have taped already. Hopefully we'll be caught up with the behind the scenes work by mid-week next week.

I'll have much much more to say about all this tomorrow on the Season Premiere of BoA : Audio, Season III. Talk to you then !

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