Mar 5, 2007

3.5.7 : Lost 3.10 Thoughts

* Last week, I remarked that the episode w. Juliet on trial and the Others going "home" closed the book on the 1st half of the season. This week's episode continued that theme, of sorts, acting as a kind of lighthearted, "cleansing of the palette" or beat between the two halves. The preview for next week seems to indicate the kick off of the 2nd half, with considerable action and intrigue teased.

* In the big picture, this episode really reminded me of Season One. I'm not sure if it was the pure island locale or what, but I was getting a season one vibe from the show that I hadn't felt in quite some time. Maybe it was the old school Charlie / Hurley antics.

* Even though there wasn't much food for thought, this was a fun episode and one of the better ones of the season. It was nice not having to deal with 3500 easter eggs and potential clues and just let the mystery of the broken car unfold.

Moving on to some stuff within the episode that did pique my interest ...

* Dharma employees seem to disappear with reckless abandon. Whether it's the caves,the dude Desmond killed (Kelvin), or now Roger the janitor. I'm concerned as to why no one ever went looking for these people and wonder if it ties into the "incident".

* Kate seemed really mad that no one came to rescue her, much to my chagrin. I think that resentment may come into play down the line. I can't blame the Losties, they were all mixed up in blowing up the hatch and discovering four toed statues. Plus it was only like a week or 10 days at best that the trio has been gone.

* Despite being given a tiny number of lines, Sayid still remains the most solid character on the show. He was already debriefing Kate moments after she got back (like any rational person would do) and he seemed like the only person in the entire series to even remember Michael and Walt. Thank you, Sayid, for actually giving a damn like the rest of us.

* Locke is a bitch. I don't exactly know how or why it happened, but it did and I'm not happy about it. Note Kate's withering response to him when she first gets back to the island ("I don't know, John") and then Sayid's mocking of his magical stick vision @ the end of the episode. It turns out the island is just like the box factory, which was just like high school, and Locke is getting wedgied left and right here. If the preview for next week is any indication, Locke may be bungling something else, again. Sigh. Hopefully this leads to some kind of redemption episode which will bring him back to full bad ass levels.

* Vincent can't be just a dog. I can see how he would be and he's just an easy plot device for the writers, but I can also see, now more than ever, that he's gotten his paws into a lot of different pies, and could be the ideal spy, especially if it stands to reason that the smoke monster is some kind of shapeshifter.

* Rousseau now knows about Alex, catching her up with the rest of us. Her character has been kept in the background the entire series, but she must know tons more than she has let on so far (considering she's been fairly quiet). I think she was probably somehow mixed up with the Others and, as I've seen speculated about elsewhere online, it wouldn't be surprising if she has the same "mark" that Juliet got last episode. You know someone else on the show has to have that mark and it's just a matter of time before we see it and go, "Oh, shit".

* I don't know what to make of the entire Hurley saga, other than it adds in that extra element of "luck" to the "free will" / "destiny" mix on the show. Given that he barely got on the original plane that crashed and seems to have some kind of weird bullet-proff aura about him, I think Hurley will be pretty important to the big picture of the show. If everyone else was fated to be on that island and Hurley got there by accident of fate, he may turn out to be the spoiler of some sort.

* Charlie will die this season. This episode didn't sway my opinion. If anything, one last good ride, before he gets killed somehow. His character really can't go anywhere if he ever overcomes his fated death (which seems impossible to do anyway).

* Overall, good episode. Unlike many of the other ones this season, which saw lots of future island storyline foreshadowing, this one seemed to be more along the lines of foreshadowing where the Losties characters will be headed in the next few months. Bitter Kate. Put-upon Locke. Inquisitive Sayid. Pro-active Hurley. Terminal Charlie. Aloof Paolo. Etc.

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