Apr 4, 2009

4.4.9: The 3rd Annual BoA:Audio Baseball Special :: Preview

THIS WEEK: The 3rd Annual BoA:Audio Baseball Special featuring Richard Dolan, Paul Kimball, Loren Coleman, Adam Gorightly, and Greg Bishop.

For the third year in a row, the stars of esoterica step away from UFOs, Bigfoot, and ghosts and, instead, let their hair down for some discussion on the world of baseball. Among the many baseball related topics discussed, UFO historian Richard Dolan will be talking about his beloved NY Yankees, documentary filmmaker Paul Kimball will muse about the World Baseball Classic, cryptozoologist extraordinaire Loren Coleman will discuss the Masonic origins of baseball, crackpot historian Adam Gorighly will analyze his San Francisco Giants and, somehow, the NBA, and, finally, ufological pundit Greg Bishop will talk about the LA Dodgers and why he hates beach balls & "the wave." Plus tons of other baseball themed discussion.

And, much like last year, we will all share our predictions for the 2009 MLB season. You can be a part of our 2009 MLB Predictions contest (or "the binnall league" as Richard Dolan calls it) and match wits against the esoteric stars of the BoA:Audio Baseball Special by joining up @ the official BoA forum theusofe.com and posting your picks in the official thread for this year's contest.


NEXT WEEK: Micah A. Hanks, The Gralien Report

Creator of the ultra-popular blog The Gralien Report, Micah A. Hanks, joins us to talk about a number of ufological and cryptozoological subjects. We'll be discussing the recurring stories and legends of human/ape hybridization, subterranean monsters and the Shaver Mystery, the UFO/ghost connection, alternative explanations for the Travis Walton abduction, the Bigfoot body hoax of 2008, Ufology's public relations problem, presidents and disclosure, the bizarre "bloop" mystery of the deep sea, and much much more.

It's a wide ranging interview which covers a variety of fringe topics in the world of esoterica with rising star Micah A. Hanks.


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