Mar 28, 2009

3.28.9: Philip Spencer on BoA:Audio :: Preview

This episode will be posted Monday afternoon/evening.

THIS WEEK: Philip Spencer, The Wildman of Kentucky: Mystery of Panther Rock,

BoA:Audio takes a journey into the strange world of Kentucky's Anderson County, also known as the "Frazier Land," with researcher Philip Spencer. Philip will detail some of the many bizarre sightings and events in the Anderson County area, notably the hotbed of activity around the site known as "Panther Rock." We'll find out about reports of Bigfoot in the area (including Philip's own sighting), learn about the odd "Frazier Mud Track," ponder if there is a paranormal element at work in the area (ala Skinwalker Ranch), hear the "Frazier Howl," discuss stories of "wolfman" and big cat sightings, get Philip's take on the "kill v. no kill" debate in Bigfoot research, and tons more.

It's an episode that shines a spotlight on the paranormal hotbed that is Anderson County, Kentucky, with Philip Spencer, a man who was born and raised in the Frazier Land.


NEXT WEEK: The 3rd Annual BoA:Audio Baseball Special featuring Richard Dolan, Paul Kimball, Loren Coleman, and other special guests.

For the third year in a row, the stars of esoterica step away from UFOs, Bigfoot, and ghosts and, instead, let their hair down for some discussion on the world of baseball. Tapings for the special are ongoing right now, but so far we can tease that esteemed UFO historian Richard Dolan will be talking about his beloved NY Yankees, their new stadium, their off-season signings, the A-Rod steroid scandal, whether Joba Chamberlain should be a starter or a reliever, and the rise of the Tampa Bay Rays. Additionally, Paul Kimball will talk about the World Baseball Classic, why he is a huge fan of the concept, and how he sees it as a model for the future of Major League Baseball.

And, much like last year, all of our guests (and binnall) will share their predictions for the 2009 MLB season.

You can be a part of our 2009 MLB Predictions contest and match wits against the esoteric stars of the BoA:Audio Baseball Special by joining up @ the official BoA forum and posting your picks in the official thread for this year's contest.


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