Feb 8, 2009

2.8.9: Ken Gerhard on BoA:Audio :: Preview

This week's episode will be posted Monday afternoon/evening.
Sorry for the slight delay, I've been under the weather all weekend.

THIS WEEK: Ken Gerhard, Big Bird / Thunderbird, Bigfoot, and other crytpids, www.tonezone.com/ken

BoA:Audio returns from our Winter hiatus with a nearly two hour interview with cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard, author of Big Bird: Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters. In the first hour of the interview, we'll discuss the Big Bird / Thunderbird phenomenon at length, including the 1976 Big Bird flap in Texas, the bird v. dinosaur debate, "lost" Big Bird evidence, the challenge of studying Big Birds as opposed to other cryptids, and lots more.

Then, in the second hour, we'll talk all about Ken's other crypto research, beginning with his multiple investigations into Bigfoot. We'll discuss Ken's odd discoveries while on Bigfoot expeditions, thoughts on why the government might cover-up Bigfoot's existance, the kill v. no kill debate, Bigfoot burying their dead, and speculation on a post-discovered Bigfoot world. Plus, we'll find out about Ken's trips to Belize to study the crytpids Sisemite & Dwendi and Ken will detail his investigation into the Texas Chupacabras story of recent years.

It's a jam packed edition of BoA:Audio, returning from hiatus with a wealth of crypto goodness.


NEXT WEEK: Ann Druffel (Part 1 of 3), The Tujunga Canyon Contacts, www.anndruffel.com

BoA:Audio's longest interview (nearly 4 hours) sees our first-ever 3-part "miniseries" featuring esteemed Ufologist Ann Druffel, discussing both The Tejunga Canyon Contacts and Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science. It's 800 pages of total text in true BoA:Audio style.

In Part One, premiering next week @ BoA, we'll cover The Tujunga Canyon Contacts from a number of angles. This recently re-issued book, which Ann co-wrote with D. Scott Rogo, was only the second alien abduction book ever written, when it was originally released in 1980. Ann will tell us how she got involved in the case, how the world of Ufology and abductions met in the 1970's, the "contagen" effect of the abductions discussed in the book, Ann's unique and groundbreaking theory on abductions and how she applies other aspects of the phenomenon to her hypothesis, details of the book including how she felt about one of the abductee's inability to break through memory blocks, if abductors had specific interest in people with alternative lifestyles, the alleged "cancer cure" given to one of the abductees by the "aliens," and tons more.

We'll also remember two key figures in Ann's life, her mentor Idabel Epperson, who was head of the Southern California NICAP chapter, and her co-author D. Scott Rogo, noted parapsychologist who was murdered in 1990.

In the subsequent two weeks, we'll go in-depth on Firestorm and cover the remarkable life and amazing contributions to Ufology by renowned atmospheric physicist James McDonald. This richly detailed interview will also cover a wealth of major events in Ufology's history, including Project Blue Book, the 1968 Congressional Hearing on UFOs, the Condon Report, and the folding of NICAP, all of which were experienced and witnessed first-hand by Ann and then re-experienced from McDonald's perspective when she wrote Firestorm., providing priceless perspective on this era of the history of UFO studies. Much more detailed preview forthcoming next week.


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