Nov 15, 2008

11.15.8: Charles Upton on BoA:Audio :: Preview

This week's episode will be posted Sunday afternoon/evening.

THIS WEEK: Charles Upton,, Cracks in the Great Wall: UFOs and Metaphysics

In an off the beaten path look at UFOs, we discuss the metaphysical elements of the phenomenon with researcher Charles Upton. Charles will detail the field of metaphysics and how it relates to UFOs, the "Hierarchy of Being," why he feels that demonic elements may be at work behind UFOs, his problems with time travel and reincarnation, his critiques of Steven Spielberg's work and Dr. John Mack's research. We'll also get Upton's opinion on whether or not God will bail out the human race and if the "powers that be" that are doing the Devil's work know that they are performing in service to Satan. Plus, of course, much much more.

It's an edition of BoA:Audio that explores the UFO phenomenon from a whole new angle.


NEXT WEEK: George Knapp, Hunt for the Skinwalker

BoA:Audio celebrates our 100th episode with the massively popular investigative journalist George Knapp. Knapp will discuss the evolution of his journalism career, his investigation into Area 51 and the subsequent fall-out in Ufology, his take on UFO studies, reflections on his research into the Skinwalker Ranch, and the latest news on his coverage of the Needles UFO case from earlier this Summer.

We celebrate our centennial with a bonafide A-list esoteric name in an episode you don't want to miss.


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