Oct 3, 2008

10.3.8: BoA In-House Notes

Lots of stuff going on at BoA that we've yet to share news about with our visitors. Contained herein is news of BoA's new alliances with ARPAST and the Black Vault Radio Network, my impending adventures at the Mass UFO Show / Mass Monster Mash, and the latest update on BoA:Audio, Season IV ...


I am now a consultant for Larry Flaxman's ARPAST organization. ARPAST is an group that focuses on the scientific study of anomalous phenomena. Some of you may recall Larry's BoA:Audio appearance back in February (HERE). Other ARPAST consultants include Marie Jones and Nick Redfern.

Ironically, the offer to become an ARPAST consultant came during my lunch in San Diego with Marie Jones. I told y'all I was up to high esoteric business out there. More stuff from the trip will be coming out in the next few weeks & months.

What does a consultant do? Well, I honestly don't know yet. I do know that it took me about two weeks to come up with the bio for Larry, so I'm already worried that my tenure as consultant is on shaky ground. Just kidding, of course, but I hope the good Mr.Flaxman isn't too chagrined at me.

Anyway, I'll keep y'all in the loop as to what comes of this consulting gig and any news from my friends at ARPAST.

BoA on the Black Vault Radio Network

Secondly, I am excited to announce that BoA:Audio has become one of the charter programs on the new Black Vault Radio Network. John Greenewald is assembling quite a number of great programs to be a part of the network and I'm thrilled to be on the ground floor of such a cool new enterprise.

One aspect of the BoA/BVRN alliance is that Black Vault will be carrying and hosting BoA:Audio, acting as a mirror, of sorts, to the hosting done @ BoA. As such, during our peak times for streaming listeners, when BoA tends to slow down, folks will be able to hop over to BVRN and listen to the show there.

binnall @ the Mass UFO Show / Mass Monster Mash

As noted via the BoA homepage, I will be attending the 3rd annual Mass UFO Show / Mass Monster Mash this coming October 17th and 18th.

Last year's event was such a blast that we had special coverage of it on BoA:Audio. This year's scheduled speakers include Loren Coleman, Nick Redfern, Budd Hopkins, Jeff Belanger, Leslie Kean, and Dan Gordon and other special guests. There's refreshments, trivia, exhibits, and other fun stuff. Hopefully, there will also be Red Sox playoff baseball ongoing so that Loren and I can enjoy the white knuckle excitement in the green room.

In addition to attending the festivities this year, I will also be hosting esoteric superstar Nick Redfern @ BoA HQ for that weekend. After the raucous meeting that was the Bishop / Binnall summit from this past Summer, I look forward to spending some down time with Nick while he is here in the Bay State.

I'll have a more complete preview of the Mass UFO Show / Mass Monster Mash here on the binnall blog next weekend.

BoA:Audio, Season IV

Last but not least, I am happy to report that pre-production on BoA:Audio, Season IV is very near completion. I've got six episodes taped already and they run the gamut of esoteric topics, from conspiracy to Ufology to ghost-related material. We'll also be venturing across the globe again to speak with another international UFO researcher and we'll also mark our 100th BoA:Audio episode with an ultra-rare A-list guest appearing on the program.

Given that we've taped the first big batch of interviews, I expect that we'll have a premiere date decided upon by the end of this weekend, along with the official Season IV logo, and some improvements and changes to the BoA:Audio pages that are currently awaiting the commencement of S4.

Additionally, Season IV will also see the debut of the BoA:Audio spin-off series "After Hours" which will feature short cut interviews with the esteemed BoA staff. Over the last three years, I've gotten countless e-mails from people suggesting that the BoA staff be featured on the podcast. "After Hours" will see these requests become reality as we showcase the likes of Lesley, Khyron, Regan Lee, Tina Sena, Richelle Hawks, and Richard Thomas.

On top of all that, I am working on putting together a bit of a promotional tour to hype the premiere of BoA:Audio, Season IV, so stay tuned to the BoA home page for news of upcoming appearances by myself on various other esoteric programs.


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