Aug 2, 2008

8.2.8: BoA on Vacation

Hello out there, my friends, just wanted to let y'all know that I am presently in San Diego on my annual trip to the West Coast. I arrived here on Friday and will be staying until August 17th.

Hoping to relax, read some books for future BoA:Audio guests, meet up with Greg Bishop and Marie Jones (both of whom live in the area), check out some esoteric sites, take in a Padres game, and do some other fun stuff.

As such, we will be putting BoA "on ice" for the first half of the vacation, from August 2nd to the 11th or so, and then we'll resume our usual postings after that. All of our writers will be skipping one edition of their respective columns as a sort of "mandatory" week-off to help them all avoid burnout and give them a break as well. So, the content at the site will be kind of light for most of that 2nd week of my vacation, but that is to be expected during the Summer months anyway, whether I was in Boston or San Diego.

That said, I will probably utilize this BoA blog to provide some updates on what I am doing while here in San Diego, so be sure to stop by BoA for occassional news on my adventures in SD. I'll be sure to post a note on the main BoA page if I update the blog. Also, of note, my usual fast turnaround on e-mail response will be slower than usual, but I have good internet access and ought to be able to write people back within a few days or so.

Big thanks to my brother who provided me with the means to make the trip and also a place to crash, which makes the whole excursion workable within my limited financial means.


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Have a great time! Say hello to Greg and enjoy yourself.

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