Jul 16, 2008

7.16.8: Finale previews coming tomorrow

Wouldn't you know it ... the day after I posted the finale schedule, three family members from Canada arrive for a visit, along with a simultaneous visit from my two cousins from California, all of this drawing the various aunts, cousins, and even grandma to the BoA homestead on Monday and Tuesday night.

Luckily, I managed to finish editing (and writing the recap for) the finale yesterday afternoon while they were all out sightseeing. And, they all left this morning, so peace and quiet has returned to BoA:HQ for now.

The preview songs have been picked, now it is just a matter of shaking off my slight hangover from last night and mustering the energy to get creative. I expect that I will dive head-first into the audio previews later this evening and have them posted tomorrow @ BoA.

The actual posting of the finale is still on schedule for this coming Sunday, 7.20.


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