Mar 7, 2008

3.7.8: Dr. Bob Curran on BoA:Audio preview

PODCAST FEED UPDATE :: We're hoping to have a new, working, podcast feed up @ BoA by this time next week. For now, it appears that the old podcast feed is working and has been updated. As always, though, your best bet is to just grab the MP3s straight from BoA when the new episode is posted.

THIS WEEK : Dr. Bob Curran, "Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms"

Author of the outstanding book "Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms",
Dr. Bob Curran joins us, direct from Northern Ireland, for a discussion on the historical background and cultural significance of a number of mysterious places, including The Otherworld, Green Island, Atlantis, Lemuria, Davy Jones Locker and the Flying Dutchman, Shangri La, Shambala, The Kingdom of Prestor John, El Dorado, The Fountain of Youth, the Library of Alexandria, and many more.

This captivating conversation provides an enlightening look at many famous and infamous esoteric locations, while also providing insight into what factors helped shape these locations and gave rise to their prominence in our collective lore.


NEXT WEEK : Jeff Belanger, "Ghost Files"

BoA:Audio returns to the ghost realm with an A-list name from that genre, Jeff Belanger, creater of the online juggernaut "Ghost Village." We'll cover a number of gems from his latest book "Ghost Files", including the various theories on what ghosts are, the commercialisation of haunted locations, Jewish exorcisms, Jeff's global travels investigating haunted places, dealing with skeptics, the evolution of orbs, and other fun stuff. We'll also examine big picture issues like the explosion in popularity for ghost hunting and esoterica on the internet.

It's a fun, loose, and, at times, frank discussion with a researcher at the very top of the wildly popular field that is ghost research.


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