Mar 21, 2008

3.21.8: Gildas Bourdias on BoA:Audio preview

THIS WEEK : Gildas Bourdais, French Ufology

BoA:Audio returns to Europe for another look at international Ufology as Gildas Bourdais joins us for an in-depth discussion on the French UFO scene. We'll be talking about its history and evolution, official government sponsored French UFO studies through the years, the Cometa report, media coverage of UFOs, the attitude of the everyday public with regards to UFOs, a re-examination of percentages of unknown UFOs, the release of French UFO files in March '07, the state of French Ufology today, and tons more.


NEXT WEEK : The 2nd Annual BoA:Audio Baseball Special

For the second year in a row, previous BoA:Audio guests return to talk about all things baseball. Paul Kimball, Loren Coleman, and others, to be announced later, join the program to discuss some of the hot baseball stories from the off-season, including the Mitchell Report, the Roger Clemens saga, and the change of power at the Yankees. Plus, we'll look ahead to the 2008 season and get predictions on who will win each division & wildcard spots, the AL & NL titles, and the World Series winner.

It's a lighthearted and off-topic edition of BoA:Audio as we celebrate the start of the 2008 baseball season.


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