Jan 24, 2008

1.24.8: Is Bigfoot on Mars ?

Special thanks to theusofe.com member redsonsuperman who inspired this satirical side-by-side analysis.

The stunning news of a mysterious "figure" found on a Mars rover picture has captured interest around the world and created fevered speculation in the world of esoterica.

A careful analysis of the picture brings us to a stark question that is being asked in whispers throughout the paranormal universe ...

Of course, such a bold inquiry brings with it a plethora of additional questions which have wide ranging ramifications in esoterica.

Such as ...

Will this new evidence inspire the "dream team" pairing of Loren Coleman and Richard C. Hoagland ?

Would Bigfoot's fur coat help protect it from harsh Martian winters ?

Can Bigfoot survive in the desert like climates of Mars ?

Are reports of red-haired Bigfoot around the world actually documented sightings of the Martian Bigfoot ?

How does the Martian Bigfoot fit into the cryptoterrestrial theories of Mac Tonnies ?

Did Bigfoot build the Face on Mars ?

Is Bigfoot behind the NASA cover-up of the structures of Cydonia ?

Was the demise of the Beagle 2 probe a result of a Bigfoot attack ?

Does Bigfoot travel between the planets or are Earth-bound Bigfoot separated from their Martian brethren ?

Don't be surprised if the mainstream media glosses over the obvious Bigfoot on Mars connection. This information is far too mind blowing for Joe Six Pack in Middle America to handle.

We are truly through the looking glass, here, people and the picture is Bigfoot on Mars.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bigfoot on Mars? I'll go for that. I mean, that image is as irrefutable as the Billy Meier wedding cake UFO pic. If anyone dares say it's just a lump of rock - it's a government cover-up.

Great post, LOL.

6:57 PM  
Blogger richelle said...

I'm crazily looking for a photo I took of a friend at the salt lake--it's the same exact pose...

2:52 PM  

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