Nov 9, 2007

11.9.7 : Greg Reece on BoA : Audio preview

THIS WEEK :: Greg Reece, UFO Religion

BoA : Audio goes beyond the lights in the sky with Greg Reece, author of "UFO Religion". In this tremendously deep episode, we discuss belief systems associated with the UFO phenomenon, ranging from the dichotomy of "nuts and bolts Ufology" v. the "lunatic fringe", the contactee movement, UFO cults, mainstream religions with UFO elements within them, and how UFO revelations may affect Christianity. We'll be talking about the paradox of the ancient astronaut theory along with the paradox of Ufology v. Science. Plus, Greg's problems with abduction research, how UFOs get blamed for everything paranormal, "new gods" v. "old gods", fear as the driving force behind Ufology, and, of course, tons more. This interview covers a myriad of big picture questions with regards to Ufology and belief that will provide a wealth of food for thought.


NEXT WEEK :: Mass UFO Show / Mass Monster Mash special ... featuring Loren Coleman, Chris Balzano, Carl Feindt, Don Ledger, and Chris Styles

On site interviews from the Mass UFO Show / Monster Mash esoteric double-bill. Loren Coleman covers the Dover Demon, Bridgewater Triangle, and the VT shooting. Chris Balzano discusses his work exploring Massachusetts paranormal folklore and phantom clowns. Don Keating talks about the white Bigfoot and Ohio cryptozoology. Carl Feindt details his work looking at Unidentified Subermerged Objects, Don Ledger tells us about his research into Black Triangles and Shag Harbour, and Chris Styles gives us an update on what's he's been up to since last Spring's BoA : Audio appearance plus his thoughts on being so closely associated with one specific UFO case.

It's the closest you can get to being there, as BoA : Audio brings you this fantastic mix of esoteric audio taped on location at the festivities.

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