Nov 2, 2007

11.2.7 : Danny Hennigar on BoA : Audio preview

This Week :: Danny Hennigar, the Oak Island Money Pit Mystery

BoA : Audio revisits our Summer expedition as Danny Hennigar joins BoA : Audio to discuss the Oak Island Mystery. We are going to explore this over 200 year old esoteric landmark, including how it all started, how it has evolved over the years, the popular theories as to what is at the bottom of the Oak Island Money Pit, the famous Oak Island side stories like the death of Robert Restall, Nolan's Cross, and Borehole 10x. Plus we are going to find out the latest news on what is going on @ Oak Island today. And, of course, tons and tons more. This is a richly detailed edition of BoA : Audio, covering an often over-looked realm of esoterica: Oak Island.

Danny's website is

Next Week :: Greg Reece, "UFO Religion"

BoA : Audio goes beyond the lights in the sky with Greg Reece, author of "UFO Religion". In this tremendously deep episode, we discuss belief systems associated with the UFO phenomenon, ranging from the dichotomy of "nuts and bolts Ufology" v. the "lunatic fringe", the contactee movement, UFO cults, mainstream religions with UFO elements within them, and how UFO revelations may affect Christianity. We'll be talking about the paradox of the ancient astronaut theory along with the paradox of Ufology v. Science. Plus, Greg's problems with abduction research, how UFOs get blamed for everything paranormal, "new gods" v. "old gods", fear as the driving force behind Ufology, and, of course, tons more. This interview covers a myriad of big picture questions with regards to Ufology and belief that will provide a wealth of food for thought.

Greg's website is

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