Sep 8, 2007

9.8.7 : binnall thoughts

Just some quick hits and stuff for the week, talking about my upcoming After Dark article, pre-season hype for BoA : Audio, Season III, next weekend's X-Conference, C2C not having a 911 special, and my Summer obsession that is Big Brother.

binnall's Oak Island adventure coming to "After Dark"

I'm happy to report that the final draft of my "After Dark" article on Oak Island has been finished and sent off to the "powers that be" @ C2C. Despite being much harder than I expected it to be, this piece turned out to be one of the better articles that I have written. It really tries to break through the cookie cutter Oak Island stories and aims to include some new details that haven't been reported elsewhere yet. I suspect that I will get the final sign off on the article sometime early next week and then will know what issue it is in and all that good stuff.

BoA : Audio, Season III update

Starting next week, I'll be sending out the requests for the first batch of BoA : Audio, Season III guests and will truly get the ball rolling on the new season. Probably in about two weeks, I'm hoping to be able to unveil the official logo, some guest names, and a premiere date.

Season III will probably feature a fair amount of returning guests from the previous two seasons. I tried to avoid having return guests for Season Two, which now gives us a pretty big pool of potential folks to have back on the program. I'm looking forward to digging into my rolodex and cherry picking some of my favorite guests for a second go-around in Season III.

Of course, we will have a lot of new folks on the program this season as well. I'm trying to track down some fairly obscure names, along with making a renewed effort in locking some of the people I wanted to interview last year, but proved too elusive.

Overall, I'm looking forward to getting my interview chops back and seeing how Season III evolves. Hope you check it out and enjoy the upcoming new material.

X-Conference III

The third X-Conference is next weekend in Washington, D.C. and, sadly, I will not be attending. I don't have the financial means to make that kind of trip right now and the whole September date for the conference really snuck up on me. I know that they have already scheduled X-Conference IV for April of 2008, so I'm hoping to attend that one instead.

I know that Paul Kimball will be there to present "Best Evidence" and I'm sure he'll have a great time rubbing elbows with the Exopols, lol.

The speaker line-up looks pretty sweet and does make me ornery that I am not going to be there. J. Antonio Huneeus and Gildas Bourdais both sound fascinating and are people I'd like to snag for BoA : Audio, considering our penchant for international Ufology. Daniel Sheehan should also be a great presentation, as will Jaime Maussan, regardless of what you think of his work, he is a great presenter.

If you are able to attend, I give the X-Conference my highest recommendation. It's a great chance to meet some of the big movers and shakers in Ufology, without having to fly all the way across the country for one of the big West coast conferences.

No C2C 911 Special

Color me surprised that Coast to Coast AM decided not to have a special episode, nor any significant coverage, of the 911 6th anniversary this coming Tuesday. Instead, they will feature Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand to talk about Planet X. Meh. I presume the reasoning for the lack of 911 coverage is that "it will be all over the news that day", but that doesn't quite hold water for me. 911, for better or worse, is a huge part of the fabric of contemporary esoterica.

One would think that after last year's critically acclaimed 911 Anniversary Special that C2C would go out of their way to try and capture lightening in a bottle once again. Instead, there will be nary a word about 911 on Tuesday, save for perhaps a 1st hour pop-in or some words from Noory at the start of the program. All this is, of course, hugely ironic as C2C continues to delve further and further in mainstream news and endlessly sounds the terror alarm whenever they can.

Anyway, jeers from me on this decision, although I am a fan of C2C cutting back on the theme episodes.

My Summer Obsession

And, finally, we close out this week with thoughts on what has been my Summer obsession : CBS's reality show Big Brother. I discovered this twisted gem last year and enjoyed it quite a bit (thanks mostly to Dr.Will and Chicken George). This year's installment sucked me in right away. What I really like about the show is that it is ongoing all Summer and you can follow along, live, with what the "hamsters" are doing in the BB house every day. While I don't have the infamously addictive "live feeds", I do follow the major websites that track the BB goings-on and have really enjoyed the 3 hour live feed program that is on every night on Showtime Too. It has been fascinating to see what really goes on inside the BB house and comparing it to how CBS edits the thrice a week prime time show.

Thankfully, though, this year's installment is winding down, they are at the final four contestants this weekend and I can finally start to get my life back. For me, the show kind of peaked on Thursday when there was a double eviction (taking it from six to four people left) which served as the "final battle" between my favorite houseguest "Evel" Dick and my other favorite Eric "America's Player". While both of them said some pretty vile things at times, they were far and away the two most entertaining people inside the house.

Now, only Evel Dick remains of the contestants that I really dig. His daughter is also still in the house, but I find her beyond obnoxious, despite being a fierce competitor. I can only hope that Dick can keep it together for the next few days, win the necessary competitions, and ultimately win the big prize. Best of luck to Evel Dick.

End Notes

I think, for now, we'll stick to the "binnall thoughts" as my primary weekly vehicle for getting information out and pontificating on the world at large. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with BoA throughout a very long and difficult Summer. Hopefully your Summer was better than mine and, collectively, we'll all have a great Autumn.

Until next week, this is binnall ... signing off.

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