Jul 7, 2007

7.6.7 : C2C to shut down Coastriders forum

I received this e-mail today ...

Dear Coast Riders Member,

We're happy to announce a new daily Coast to Coast email newsletter, which will provide handy recaps, show info, and special audio links, to keep you updated on the show while you're on the go. In order to redirect our resources for this soon-to-launch project, we're closing the Coast Riders Message Board effective Thursday July 12th, 2007. This advance notice is being provided in order for you to save posts and information, and if you like migrate them to another system. Thank you for your participation in the board, which over the years has produced much spirited conversation. We look forward to communicating with you via our exciting new e-newsletter.

Lex Lonehood
on behalf of CoasttoCoastam.com & Premiere Interactive Services

I'm stunned and saddened. The animated picture above pretty much sums up my point of view, with me (and the rest of the Coastriders) being the midget.

I had plans for this week's binnall report, but they've gone flying out the window (also much like the midget above).

You see, back in October of 2004, I started writing "the binnall report" on the Streamlink message board (back before it became "The Coastriders". From there, BoA was developed and grew up out of my work covering C2C. Eventually, BoA became it's own entity, but I always thought of the Streamlink forum like the old coffee hangout I used to have in high school. And now it's closing down.

I've started writing my reaction to this sad news, but I want to sleep on it, for now, as I'm going throught the five stages of grief over this and it's best to stop and catch my breath a bit. Things are much too crazy as this story just broke hours ago and I've been following the fallout on about 4 different message boards. Plus I wanted to talk about Art Bell retiring and Ian Punnett's show being folded and there won't be time for that @ 2 AM.

So ... binnall report to be posted tomorrow with an in-depth reaction to the C2C Coastrider message board being terminated, plus other stuff, of course.

God speed, Coastrider board. You were the birthplace of BoA and you will be missed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never subscribed to stream link, or the forums.

But for more info on Art Bell's retirement, go to: http://hamfanz.blogspot.com

12:33 PM  
Blogger Paul Kimball said...

Here's the hilarious part (at least to me) - I got the e-mail, even though I stopped subscribing to Coast last year!

1:33 AM  
Blogger binnall said...

I'm stunned, and somewhat disappointed, that you didn't mention the tumbling, pro rasslin, midget.

For shame, Sir Kimball.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Paul Kimball said...

Little person, Tim. Little person.



2:24 AM  

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