Jun 8, 2007

6.8.7 : BoA : Audio preview & In-House Notes

In-House Notes ::

Probably no "binnall report" again this week. I just haven't gotten back into the C2C habit in the last month or so. I literally haven't heard any Coast since 5.5.7 (except for a brief half hour of Art Bell around the last weekend of May or so). I find myself altogether ... disinterested. And I'm finding it hard to get back into the habit of listening to the program after such a long time away.

I'm not sure if that means a hiatus for "tbr", outright retirement of the column, or a morphing of its format to feature less focus on C2C and more focus on other esoteric matters. Either way, I suspect an answer will be forthcoming in the not too distant future.

Rest assured, I will be glued to the TV set next Wednesday night @ 11 PM for Noory's big Sci Fi show, "Into the Unknown", and plan on writing a review of the program soon after it airs.

And, of course, you can always check out Lesley's C2C Rewind for all your Coast recap needs. Lesley does an excellent job of keeping tabs of Noory and company, which makes me feel a lot better about my lack of attention to Coastly matters.

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Text preview for tomorrow's BoA : Audio featuring Chris Styles ::

The man who put the Shag Harbour Incident on the map of Ufology, Chris Styles, joins BoA : Audio to discuss this tremendously strong UFO case. Chris gives us an in-depth look at what went down that fateful night in October of 1967, including what people thought the UFO was and how that contrasted with the government's interpretation of events, the myterious and skeptical Fr. Gafney, and the role of the media in covering the SHI as it happened.

Then we'll fast forward to 25 years later, as Chris ressurrects the Shag Harbour Incident. We'll find out why he decided to investigate it, who and what were the key elements in his investigation, and the fascinating new details he discovered about the Shag Harbour Incident, including a simultaneous secret search, testimony of "beings" working on the downed craft, and Canadian X-Files. This is a richly detailed edition of BoA : Audio, with the man who essentially discovered the Shag Harbour Incident, one of Ufology's best cases.

Chris Styles on BoA : Audio preview :: MP3 or Streaming Audio



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