Jun 5, 2007

6.5.7 : BoA : Audio season finale teaser

I literally just got off the phone, taping the Season Finale interview for Season Two of BoA : Audio.

Just to be a clown shoe, I am holding off on the name for a few more days.

So ... for now ... I will simply reveal some teasers ...

This hour and a half long interview will serve as the culmination of many of the themes of Season Two, with an absolute, bonafide, hands down, first ballot Hall of Famer in the world of esoterica.

Over the last two years, BoA : Audio has played host to up and coming researchers, leading figures at the top of present day esoteric fields, fringe students of obscure high strangeness, and legitimate legends in paranormal study. But ... we reach beyond all that, in our Season Finale, when we welcome a true icon of esoterica.

6.30.7 ... the season finale of BoA : Audio, Season Two

Guest TBA soon.



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