Jun 29, 2007

6.29.7 : BoA : Audio season finale text preview

This week on BoA : Audio ::

The season finale of BoA : Audio, Season Two promises to be a landmark episode, as we welcome a true icon in the world of esoterica, the venerable Brad Steiger.

In this lengthy and in-depth conversation, we'll be discussing what it was like for Brad to break into esoteric studies, over 50 years ago, at the young age of twenty years old. We talk about the lessons he's learned from all these years studying the paranormal, the evolution of his journey as a researcher, the explosion of esoterica from niche market to veritable cottage industry, his thoughts on the lack of cohesion in esoterica, the role of the media in covering the unknown, the hopefulness of the 1960's, the problem with today's newcomers to esoterica, and tons and tons more.

It's truly the culmination of many of the big picture themes from Season Two, posed to a bonafide first ballot esoteric Hall of Famer, Brad Steiger.

The audio preview of the BoA : Audio season finale is available now on MP3 or in Streaming Audio

Additionally, we have a special BoA : Audio, Season Two audio recap / finale teaser on MP3 or in Streaming Audio

Brad Steiger's website is http://www.bradandsherry.com/



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