Jun 22, 2007

6.22.7 : Lisa Shiel on BoA : Audio ::
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This week on BoA : Audio,

The penultimate episode of Season Two sees Lisa Shiel, author of Backyard Bigfoot, join the program to discuss her first hand research into strange elements of the Bigfoot, including an in-depth look at stick signs and braiding the manes of horses. We'll also be talking about problems with the evolution theory and why the popular Gigantopithicus theory for Bigfoot has serious issues too. Plus, cryptozoology's infamous "natural v. paranormal Bigfoot" debate, UFOs and Bigfoot, Lisa's take on being a woman in cryptozoology, big picture speculation on what the Bigfoot might be, and much, much more.

The audio preview of this interview is available now, either on MP3 or in Streaming Audio

Lisa's website is www.upbigfoot.com



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