Jun 1, 2007

6.1.7 : BoA : Audio preview

No binnall report this week. I'm just not feeling it, because I know what a large portion of the content will be and I just not "there" yet, as far as distilling this past month in text. I expect "tbr" will show up, in some form, early next week, after I get through the work load of the weekend and Monday. For the voyeuristic and morbid folks in the audience, rest assured, I will address my father's passing in tomorrow's BoA : Audio. Speaking of which ...

Text preview for tomorrow's BoA : Audio ::

BoA : Audio, Season Two kicks off the final five episodes of the season, with guest Gary A. David, author of The Orion Zone to discuss the strange correlation between monuments and settlements of the Native American Hopi tribe and the stars of the constellation Orion. We'll discuss the logistics of such a connection, how and why the Hopi settled the way they did, their God, Masau, who just may have been a Grey alien, the "Ant People" who helped the Hopi throughout their history, the lost city inside the Grand Canyon, the global Orion connection, Hopi prophecy for the future and much, much more.

His website is theorionconnection.com

Gary A. David on BoA : Audio preview :: MP3 or Streaming Audio


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