Jun 16, 2007

6.16.7 : BoA : Audio to be posted tomorrow ... details.

At this point, we ought to just start billing BoA : Audio as being posted "on the weekend" or something.

I've kind of lost my voice here, literally. It's more scratchy than anything and seems to come and go as it pleases, but its definitly troublesome and seems to get worse as I talk longer. It started last week, around Wednesday. It sounds like it is getting better, but today was pretty bad.

Being that it is @ the very end of the day now, my voice has taken a beating. And, being that I haven't taped the intro or outro for this week's show, we're kind of shit out of luck for now.

I'm going to get a good night's sleep and will take a stab at it tomorrow morning, when I hope that my voice has been rested enough to do all that talking (which is actually quite a bit, when you add both ends of the program together).

1000 apologies, of course, and thanks for your patience.

A strange observation, but I have been rather sick all month, since about June 1st. I'm beginning to wonder if my body was thrown out of whack by the month long adrenaline rush and overall stress of May and is now just self-regulating and, as such, I am taking a beating here in early June. There may be something to that, me thinks.

That said and aside from the lost voice, I've felt physically better the last two days than I have since around the beginning of the month, so perhaps I am nearing the end of this "course correction".

Again, sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.

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