Mar 27, 2007

3.27.7 : BoA's main computer crashes

It finally happened. My computer here @ BoA HQ, from which we ran the whole operation, finally shit the bed on me. It's no surprise and was a longtime coming.

Luckily, we got everything off of it long before it died on us, so the whole BoA site (all 1000 plus pages) and audio library (including the raw original files) are safely stored in multiple locations.

So ... in the meantime I am working off of a laptop that has been outfitted to serve as BoA's main computer until I get things settled w. the desktop. That should probably take another few days.

Also, I am working on a new project (TBA soon) that takes time away from dealing with the computer issue, so suffice it to say, it's a tad stressful here.

Apologies if I am not around much this week or if our usual updates are lacking their attention to detail.

The operation will come back stronger than ever, I assure you. This whole situation was something I had planned to deal with next week when I took some time off from BoA : Audio, so it all works out.

No Lost Thoughts this week, sorry.



Blogger Regan Lee said...

Tim, I sympathize with your computer problems. I can only imagine what a mess and hassle it is with a site like BOA.

Which is amazing; you do a fantastic job with the site!

1:06 AM  

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