Mar 19, 2007

3.19.7 : Lost Thoughts (Episode 3.12, Patchy's dead)

I almost can't think much about this past week's episode, considering what we have to look forward to this coming Wednesday. But, of course, there is some food for thought, mostly big picture stuff regarding the story, as a whole, we've seen so far on Lost.

* The "Claire is Jack's brother" was such an overblown reveal. It was Lost's worst kept secret, aside from "Locke's dad is the original Sawyer". And what's the point of telling us, the viewer, when Jack and Claire don't even know ? I suppose they had to get it out of the way, but I'm left wondering if Jack and/or Claire will ever even find out (if so we'll have to see another reveal of the same secret). I presume Ben will somehow spill the beans, since the Others know everything about the Losties.

* Every time Desmond has a vision of Charlie's death, Claire is involved. So I guess that when Charlie dies it will be as a result of sacrificing himself to save her. Like the only way to save Charlie, that time, will be if Claire dies, so Charlie will just bite the bullet then.

* Despite the retarded nature of the "bird note", I figure it will somehow have to come into play down the line. I do think it will be a cool scene when it eventually resurfaces.

Onto the best parts of the episode : the rescue party.

* Locke is back to being the most interesting character on the show. I stand corrected from last week, in that I now think he probably knew the Flame would blow up. Perhaps too late, maybe not, I don't know, but if he got that C4, he had to have known that the place could explode. He's got to have more information that we do, because he's got some kind of plan. But ... as we've seen from his flashbacks, often the best laid plains by Locke end up with him befuddled and crying. Let's just hope this time is different.

The whole "he wants to say on the island" theory got more fuel when he killed Patchy moments after Patchy revealed he knew the wheelchair secret. But I think it is all a red herring. I've a feeling that it will be revealed in Wednesday's episode, considering it centers around the paralysis, that there is more to Locke's actions that just that.

I really loved the scene where he shoved Patchy into the security fence, mostly for the moment right before the shoving, where Locke was just totally bad ass. Unless we are told differently in the next Locke flashback, he also finally crossed the line that almost every other Lostie had crossed already : murder. Of the principle characters, only Jack and Hurley remain as the two without any blood on their hands, if I recall correctly.

* I don't know what to make of "the list", since it's only really been teased so far. As more mysteries get solved, new ones come along and this one seems to be the mystery du jour lately. I am interested in seeing if any of the Losties are perceived to be "list worthy".

* Patchy is dead, which kind of sucks because he was a great character, but it makes sense because he was a total liability to the mission at that point. One thing I did notice was that this season has been riddled with deaths or near deaths on the island. Pickett's wife, Eko, Pickett, Klugh, and Patchy all died. Sawyer, Ben, and Juliet were all pretty close to being killed. And Charlie has been told his death is emminent. I'm not sure what it means, but it seems like an interesting trend that wasn't around in the last two seasons.

* Rousseau was less mysterious this week and finally did open up some about her missing kid. Her whole speech, though, was probably to set up for the final scene of the episode w. Jack.

* That final scene was, of course, awesome. Despite his jovial nature (who wouldn't be ?) playing football with Tom, I think he's probably still the same Jack, just resigned to live out his fate in Othersville until Ben comes through on his promise to send him home. Over time, after waiting a while and bonding with the Others, then he will become one of them (I hope). The Losties "rescuing" him and possibly fucking up his chances of going home will only push him further into Otherdom.

* Bitter Kate is going to be pissed when Jack is like, "what are you doing here ?" Good. She's been getting on my nerves for a while now.

* I'm worried about Sayid in Othersville, not because he's Arab, you racist, but because everyone else has a legit reason for being there (as zany as Locke's probably is) except Sayid. Perhaps he will be caught and charged with crimes against Others (torturing Ben) and the Sheriff will return.

* In total, I'm really enjoying that this showdown between Losties and Others is happening now, halfway through the season. I figured we'd have to wait until the season finale for what's going down on Wednesday, so I'm very intrigued as to where the story will go from here.



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