Aug 25, 2009

8.25.9: Budd Hopkins on BoA:Audio :: Text Preview

This episode will be posted on Wednesday night, late-night, or (more likely) Thursday afternoon.

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THIS WEEK: Budd Hopkins, Art, Life, and UFOs: A Memoir,

The penultimate edition of BoA:Audio, Season IV sees us welcome the legendary and iconic Budd Hopkins to the program. Centering around his recently published memoir, Art, Life, and UFOs, we'll be exploring and discussing his remarkable and epic life. The first half of this nearly 2 hours conversation revolves around Budd's career as an artist and his relationship with his father. Budd will extrapolate on observations made in the memoir about the early influences on his artistic career, artists and their disinterest in politics, Budd's near-fight with Jack Kerouac, why he chose to change mediums from paint to sculpture later in his career, why he dubbed some of his work to be 'failures,' the problem with museums today, and much much more.

The second half focuses, of course, on Budd's pioneering work in the field of abduction research. We'll find out how hearing the War of the Worlds shaped the populace who heard it (including a young Budd Hopkins), why the nature of ET interaction seemed to go from 'contactees' to 'abductees,' the concept of 'confirmation anxiety' and how it effects abductees, his take on the 'ETs as robots' theory, the nature of hybrid revelations to abductees and if it is an ongoing process or a one time thing, some insight into the Shirley MacLain meeting that is detailed in the book, framing the UFO/ET questions for the mass public in this modern time (i.e. Ufology's Public Relations problem), the portrayal of abductions in mass media, and much much more.

It's a riveting interview which aims to capture the massive scope of one man's life: Budd Hopkins, artist & esoteric legend.


NEXT WEEK: The BoA:Audio, Season IV finale featuring ...

John Lear

BoA:Audio closes the book on Season IV with one of the more legendary and infamous figures in the history of UFO studies: John Lear. In this ultra-rare two hour conversation, we'll cover the wild days of the 1980's in Ufology including Paul Bennewitz, Bill Cooper, Bill Moore, the 1989 MUFON Convention in Las Vegas, the alien spaceship that allegedly crashed and was buried because it was too big to move, the concept of souls and reincarnation and how the aliens may fit into that, the incident at the Dulce Base between an ET and the Army, 'human mutilations,' UFO disclosure and when it may happen, 2012 as a scam, interesting things on the moon, the secret space program, undersea connections beneath the western half of America, John's theory on 911 that the planes were holograms & the towers felled via space weapons, Bob Lazar and the Area 51 story, the state of Ufology, Exopolitics, why the 'mainstream' branches of esoterica seem to be so far off from John's theories, George Knapp, Art Bell, why Ufology isn't a 'team sport,' and a shitload more stuff.

As I mention during the interview, to newcomers to esoterica, John Lear is almost mythical and certainly mysterious. A lot of contemporary folks dismiss John's material because of the sometimes outrageous things he says, without realizing the massive impact he had on the field, specifically in the 1980's. Both Art Bell & George Knapp have credited him with planting the seed for their future exploits exploring the unknown and, as most people know, Lear was side-by-side with Bob Lazar as one of the godfathers of Area 51. He is most certainly someone who forever altered the landscape of esoterica and, thus, absolutely befitting of the Season Finale spot on BoA:Audio. I hope our awesome listeners enjoy hearing the interview as much as I did conducting it.

Note: There is a halfway decent chance that the posting of this episode will be bumped to the week of Sep. 7th instead of next week. Consider yourself forewarned.


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