Aug 17, 2009

8.17.9: Webster Tarpley on BoA:Audio :: Preview

This episode will be posted on Tuesday afternoon. Check out the BoA Twitter feed for ongoing details & an 8 minute excerpt from the interview.

THIS WEEK: Webster Tarpley, Surviving the Cataclysm,

Geopolitical genius Webster Tarpley returns to BoA:Audio for a jam-packed session of the program. We find out about the financial crisis, how the geopolitical landscape has changed to an America v. Russia / China one instead of US v. Middle East, why things went from Bush & Co. to Obama & Co. if Bush had such a stranglehold of power, Obama and how he is the banker's puppet (so says Webster), why the solutions offered by the Republicans are just as bad as the Obama plans, what to do to get out of the financial mess for both regular people and the world, 911 & the 911 Truth Movement and why it has gotten derailed (fascinating stuff), and if are we past the point of trying to stop a New World Order.

Yes, it's a political episode, but Webster is really against just about everyone (Obama, Bush, Dems, Republicans, Ron Paul, everyone), so I have a feeling that no matter who you like, they will get stomped on and everyone is equally stomped.


NEXT WEEK: Budd Hopkins, Art, Life, and UFOs: A Memoir,

The penultimate edition of BoA:Audio, Season IV sees us welcome the legendary and iconic Budd Hopkins to the program. Centering around his recently published memoir, Art, Life, and UFOs, we'll be exploring and discussing his remarkable and epic life. The first half of this nearly 2 hours conversation revolves around Budd's career as an artist and his relationship with his father. Budd will extrapolate on observations made in the memoir about the nature of color in nature, artists and their disinterest in politics, Budd's near-fight with Jack Kerouac, why he chose to change mediums from paint to sculpture later in his career, why he dubbed some of his work to be 'failures,' the problem with museums today, and much much more.

The second half focuses, of course, on Budd's pioneering work in the field of abduction research. We'll find out how hearing the War of the Worlds shaped the populace who heard it (including a young Budd Hopkins), why the nature of ET interaction seemed to go from 'contactees' to 'abductees,' the concept of 'confirmation anxiety' and how it effects abductees, his take on the 'ETs as robots' theory, the nature of hybrid revelations to abductees and if it is an ongoing process or a one time thing, some insight into the Shirley MacLain meeting that is detailed in the book, framing the UFO/ET questions for the mass public in this modern time (i.e. Ufology's Public Relations problem), the portrayal of abductions in mass media, and much much more.

It's a riveting interview which aims to capture the massive scope of one man's life: Budd Hopkins, artist & esoteric legend.


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