Jul 6, 2009

7.6.9: Bruce Rux (Vol.3) on BoA:Audio :: Preview

This episode will be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday. Stay tuned to the BoA Twitter feed for ongoing details & surprises.

THIS WEEK: Bruce Rux, Hollywood v. the Aliens, Part Three of a Trilogy

BoA:Audio concludes our Rux Trilogy with the final installment, subtitled "The Post-Script." In this edition, we'll wrap up our discussion on Hollywood v. the Aliens and find out about UFO-related entertainment offerings of the George Bush & Bill Clinton years, culminating in the publication of Bruce's book in 1997. We'll examine the big picture implications of the "UFO education" program, if it exists, and how it may effect future attempts by those "in the know" to disclose the reality of UFOs.

From there, we'll get Bruce's perspective on how things have shaped up since the book came out, what he thinks of a variey of films and TV shows from '97-'09, including the reality TV boom, and where he sees things headed into the future. Plus, we'll cover some of the stuff that may have fallen through the cracks in previous installments, such as The Manchurian Candidate. We'll also find out more about where Bruce has been these last 9 years and what he may be working on now.

Films & programs discussed in this installment include Capricorn One, ET, Red Dawn, Men In Black, Independence Day, Starship Troopers, Contact, Mission to Mars, Battlefield Earth, Ghosts of Mars, Signs, Stargate SG1, Lost, Steven Spielberg's Taken miniseries, movies based on esoteric events like Fire in the Sky, and a whole bunch more.

It's the conclusion of a remarkable conversation with a truly amazing researcher, Bruce Rux, finishing up our look at what he sees as an ongoing, five decade plus, program aimed at shaping what people think about the UFO phenomenon.


NEXT WEEK: Pastor Robin Swope, The Paranormal Pastor

One of the breakout stars in esoterica over the last year, Pastor Robin Swope, better known as "The Paranormal Pastor," comes to BoA:Audio to discuss his research and writings. We'll cover a myriad of esoteric topics, including truly strange paranormal stories shared by missionaries who worked in Africa, the potential dangers of "weekend warrior" ghost hunters and their flirtation with evil forces, what the Bible really says about ghosts, UFOs, and cryptobeasts, phone calls from the dead and soul pillars, the esoteric powers once associated with birthmarks, the infamous Pierre Bernard, Swoppe's role in the Omega Men, ghost stories from his days working at a haunted ambulance bay and his experiences performing exorcisms. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

It's a wide-ranging conversation with one of the most exciting new voices to emerge in esoterica today: The Paranormal Pastor.


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