May 31, 2009

5.31.9: Tracy Twyman on BoA:Audio :: Preview

This episode should be posted on Monday evening, depending on how long it takes to edit. Worst case scenario, it gets posted on Tuesday. Stay tuned to the BoA Twitter feed for ongoing details.

THIS WEEK: Tracy Twyman, Esoteric Jam Session,

Spellbinding esoteric researcher Tracy Twyman joins us to discuss a plethora of different topics. Tracy provides a look at her remarkable career as an author and researcher of topics ranging from the economy to the Priory of Scion, plus how other researchers have responded to her tremendous output of quality material in such a short period of time. She'll give us her detailed and informed perspective on the present state of the economy, why she thinks things are looking particularly grim for the future, and what she sees as the best ways to fix it. We'll also talk about the moon-based calendar and her theory on how Earth's orbit may have been different in ancient times, the 911 Truth Movement, Tracy's run-in with Muslim extremists, her thoughts on the UFO phenomenon, and much much more.

It's a classic BoA:Audio jam session where the notes go out the window and we let the conversation with Tracy unfold in directions both unexpected and extremely enlightening.

Check out Tracy's books ...

  • Solomon's Treasure
  • The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau
  • Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA.


    NEXT WEEK: Clas Svahn, Swedish Ufology,

    BoA:Audio once again goes global as we welcome Clas Svahn, head of UFO Sweden, for his first-ever American radio interview. We'll be discussing, in amazing detail, the world of Swedish Ufology. We'll find out about some of the key UFO cases in Sweden's rich history such as the 1808 mass UFO sighting, the 1933 phantom lights flap, the famous Gosta Karlsson case, the ghost lights of 1946, the 1958 Domsten close encounter case, Project Argus of the 1970's, the 1984 Minsk case, the 1999 UFO "crash" in Sweden, and many others. Clas will also give us his first hand perspective on the birth & evolution of UFO studies in Sweden, including how Sweden was a major player in the very early days of the modern UFO phenomenon, the reaction of the Swedish military and government to UFOs, how the media coverage of the phenomenon has changed over the years, and what the everyday Swede thinks of UFOs.

    Of the many international editions of BoA:Audio, this one surely will rank among the very best. Clas Svahn showcases the world of UFOs in Sweden, a country who's contributions to the history of Ufology have been all-too-often overlooked.


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