Apr 19, 2009

4.19.9: William K. Zabel on BoA:Audio :: Preview

This episode will be posted on Monday.

THIS WEEK: William K. Zabel, The Columbine Conspiracy, http://www.columbineconspiracy.com/

Marking the 10th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting, we welcome researcher William K. Zabel, who has spent the last decade investigating the event and believes there is more to the story than what the mainstream media is telling us. He'll detail his findings and his theories on what really happened in Colorado on April 20, 1999. Were there more than two shooters, gov't involvement, a cover-up, mind control, or some kind of paranormal influence?

We'll examine all of these possibilities in a mindblowing, thought provoking, and, at times, revelatory interview which may have you looking at the Columbine shooting in a whole new light.


NEXT FEW WEEKS: No episodes

It's our Spring Break from the show.

The final nine episodes of Season IV will begin "airing" either on May 11th or 18th.

Stay tuned to BoA for details.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. this interview doesn't seem to be working. Is tehre anywhere I can download it in MP3 format...?


3:23 AM  
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