Apr 11, 2009

4.11.9: Micah A. Hanks on BoA:Audio :: Preview

In light of the holiday weekend, this episode will be posted on Monday.

THIS WEEK: Micah A. Hanks, The Gralien Report

Creator of the ultra-popular blog The Gralien Report, Micah A. Hanks, joins us to talk about a number of ufological and cryptozoological subjects. We'll be discussing the recurring stories and legends of human/ape hybridization, subterranean monsters and the Shaver Mystery, the UFO/ghost connection, alternative explanations for the Travis Walton abduction, the Bigfoot body hoax of 2008, Ufology's public relations problem, presidents and disclosure, the bizarre "bloop" mystery of the deep sea, and much much more.

It's a wide ranging interview which covers a variety of fringe topics in the world of esoterica with rising star Micah A. Hanks.


NEXT WEEK: William K. Zabel, The Columbine Conspiracy, www.columbineconspiracy.com

Marking the 10th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting, we welcome researcher William K. Zabel, who has spent the last decade investigating the event and believes there is more to the story than what the mainstream media is telling us. He'll detail his findings and his theories on what really happened in Colorado on April 20, 1999. Were there more than two shooters, gov't involvement, a cover-up, mind control, or some kind of paranormal influence? We'll examine all of these possibilities in a mindblowing, thought provoking, and, at times, revelatory interview which may have you looking at the Columbine shooting in a whole new light.


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