Jun 21, 2008

6.21.8: Bill Birnes (Part 2) on BoA:Audio :: Preview

THIS WEEK: Bill Birnes (Part 2), ufomag.com, UFO Hunters & Ufology

The second installment of our marathon conversation with Bill Birnes centers around UFOs, as a whole, and the field of Ufology. We'll find out if Bill ever gets burned out on UFOs, his theories on what is behind the phenomena and how much the government really knows about flying saucers, plus Bill's thoughts on the disclosure movement. We talk about the present online esoteric scene, notably the emergence of the podcast genre, and the troubles of "gatekeepers" in Ufology. We also discuss staple BoA:Audio issues like women in Ufology and young people in Ufology.

It's an ultra-hot edition of BoA:Audio that is sure to generate a buzz in the esoteric scene.

NEXT WEEK: Bill Guggenheim, www.after-death.com, After-Death Communications

An examination of the newly-emerging field of After-Death Communication (ADC) research with the man behind the genre, Bill Guggenheim. We'll talk about how he got interested in ADCs and decided to being researching the phenomena. We'll cover ADC experiences in-depth, including precisely what they are (and why the definition matters) and a thorough examination of the 12 types of ADCs. We will also find out the reaction to Bill's ADC research by other esoteric communities and how he answers the critics of ADCs who claim they are "grief induced hallucinations." Plus, Binnall shares his two ADC experiences with Bill, and, of course, tons more.

BoA:Audio breaks new ground as we explore this new paranormal milieu.


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