Jun 14, 2008

6.14.8: Bill Birnes (Part 1) on BoA:Audio :: Preview

This episode will be posted Monday evening.
Sorry for the delay.

THIS WEEK: Bill Birnes (Part 1), ufomag.com, UFO Hunters & Ufology

The first installment of a marathon conversation with Bill Birnes, one of the stars of the History Channel's UFO Hunters, noted esoteric author, and publisher of UFO Magazine. We'll have an extended bio/background, where Bill takes us through his evolution in the world of esoterica, from discovering the Philip Corso story to how he ended up at the helm of UFO Magazine, with lots of side roads explored along the way. Plus, we'll talk about UFO Hunters, how it came about, how Bill feels about being the center of the marketing campaign, how much network influence is cast over the show, and his answer to critics who say that "UFO Hunters is not Ufology."

It's a tremendous edition of BoA:Audio with a guest who really fits perfectly into our long-form style, where Bill is allowed full and unfettered answers to a variety of questions.

NEXT WEEK: Bill Birnes (Part 2), ufomag.com, UFO Hunters & Ufology

The second installment of our marathon conversation with Bill Birnes centers around UFOs, as a whole, and the field of Ufology. We'll find out if Bill ever gets burned out on UFOs, his theories on what is behind the phenomena and how much the government really knows about flying saucers, plus Bill's thoughts on the disclosure movement. We talk about the present online esoteric scene, notably the emergence of the podcast genre, and the troubles of "gatekeepers" in Ufology. We also discuss staple BoA:Audio issues like women in Ufology and young people in Ufology.

It's an ultra-hot edition of BoA:Audio that is sure to generate a buzz in the esoteric scene.


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