May 3, 2008

5.3.8: Carl Feindt on BoA:Audio, preview

This episode will be posted Sunday evening.

THIS WEEK: Carl Feindt,, The Water-UFO Connection

After appearing on BoA:Audio for a brief interview that generated a lot of buzz last Fall, Carl Feindt returns to the program for an in-depth discussion on the water-UFO connection. We'll be exploring why Carl decided to investigate this aspect of Ufology, interesting trends and fascinating insights that he has gained from his research, cases that he does not think are related to UFOs, the international aspects of the phenomenon, sea monsters, radar and sonar cases, UFOs. v. USOs, "Water Wheels", the Eltanin, Shag Harbour, and a ton more aquatic-themed esoteric material.

We plumb the depths of the UFO-water connection as BoA:Audio returns from our Spring Break with all new episodes.

THIS WEEK: SMiles Lewis,, Esoteric Jam Session

One of the big players behind the scenes in esoterica, the prolific SMiles Lewis joins BoA:Audio for a two hour jam session on all things esoteric. We cover a host of paranormal topics from a number of different angles, notably the UFO scene, UFOs in general, 911, and the growth of the 911 Truth Movement. SMiles will take us back to the zine scene of the 1980s and early 90s and talk about the explosion and evolution of the Internet and esoterica, and all SMiles's various projects which span the spectrum of esoteric media and, of course, tons more.

It's an esoteric jam session with one of the oftentimes unsung key figures in today's scene.


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