May 31, 2008

5.31.8: Marie Jones on BoA:Audio preview

6.2.8 UPDATE: Well, it is Monday afternoon and I'd say that my voice is at about 75%. At this point, it would be another day (at least) before I'd be able to tape an even decent intro / outro for the episode without my voice breaking up completely.

As such, I am going to just hold the episode back until this coming Saturday (6.7.8). I don't want to short-change Marie by putting the show out mid-week and have her interview get lost in the shuffle as we roll out the subsequent episode only a handful of days later.

Thanks for your patience on this matter. Believe me, I am probably the most frustrated by this turn of events as it has really tweaked our schedule for the close of Season III.

6.1.8 UPDATE: It's Sunday evening and my voice is still gone, though slightly improved. I will wait it out through tomorrow and see where we are at. If I cannot pull it off by Monday afternoon/evening, we will just hold the episode until next weekend, when I am fairly certain that my voice will be back. Thanks for your patience !

5.31.8: My voice is really gone this weekend, so we can only hope that this episode will be posted on Sunday night at the earliest. If my voice has not returned by Sunday afternoon, we'll have an update here re: when the episode will be posted. Thanks for your patience.

THIS WEEK: Marie Jones,, Supervolcano

BoA:Audio goes off the beaten esoteric path as we examine the world of supervolcanos and calderas with Marie Jones. Marie gives us a sweeping overview of what calderas are and where they can be found, the infamous Toba eruption 75,000 years ago, the Yellowstone caldera that has many in esoterica buzzing, and which area poses the most danger, should a supervolcano erupt. We'll also "war game" a caldera eruption to find out how extensive the damage would be and how, if at all, people can prepare for such an event. In addition to that, we have some bonus discussion on women in Esoterica and the rise of the ghosthunting fad.

It's an informative and informal edition of BoA:Audio with one of the fastest rising and most respected researchers in the paranormal world today: Marie Jones.

NEXT WEEK: Bill Birnes (Part 1),, UFO Hunters & Ufology

The first installment of a marathon conversation with Bill Birnes, star of the History Channel's UFO Hunters, noted esoteric author, and publisher of UFO Magazine. We'll have an extended bio/background, where Bill takes us through his evolution in the world of esoterica, from discovering the Philip Corso story to how he ended up at the helm of UFO Magazine, with lots of side roads explored in between, including what annoys him most about the Corso critics. Plus, in this first half, we'll cover a number of areas related to UFO Hunters, like Bill's reaction to THC's vast marketing of the show centered around him, aspects of how the show gets made, how much influence the network has on the content, and Bill's response to critics who say the show is not "real Ufology."

It's an often-times frank discussion with one of the most influential people in the UFO world today and a genuine A-list guest: Bill Birnes.


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