May 17, 2008

5.17.8: Bill Chalker (Part 1) on BoA:Audio preview

This episode will be posted on Sunday night, late night.

THIS WEEK: Bill Chalker (Part 1),, Australian Ufology

BoA:Audio returns to Down Under for a lengthy conversation with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker. In this first installment, we'll be discussing the history of the UFO phenomenon in Australia, from Aboriginal times to key pre-1947 cases to noteworthy sightings from the UFO boom of the 1950's to the explosion in abduction research of the 1990's and onward. We'll hear about key cases like the 1954 "Sea Fury Incident", the Father Gill case, and the Mundrabilla case of 1988. Bill will also describe, in-depth, his forensic investigation into an alleged abduction that spawned the book "Hair of the Alien."

It's another international showcase for BoA:Audio as we continue our investigation of the global aspect of Ufology.

NEXT WEEK: Bill Chalker (Part 2),, Australian Ufology

Our ultra-long distance conversation with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker continues. In this installment, we'll cover the history of Australian UFO studies from both a civilian and government perspective. We'll hear about the fascinating story of Edgar Jarrold and, also, Bill's examination of the official Australian UFO files. We'll discuss the media's coverage of the UFO phenomenon in Australia and how the general public feels about Unidentified Flying Objects in the land Down Under. On top of all that, we talk about the world of Chinese Ufology, something that Bill has been investigating for the last few years, and get a glimpse into this mysterious area of UFO research. All that and, of course, tons and tons more.

Standing alongside our examinations of South Africa and France, it's another eye-opening look at the world of UFO studies across the globe.


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