May 10, 2008

5.10.8: SMiles Lewis on BoA:Audio preview

We hope to get this episode out by Sunday afternoon. If not, it will have to wait until Monday evening. 1,000 apologies, we're swamped this weekend.

THIS WEEK: SMiles Lewis,, Esoteric Jam Session

One of the big players behind the scenes in esoterica, the prolific SMiles Lewis joins BoA:Audio for a two hour jam session on all things esoteric. We cover a host of paranormal topics from a number of different angles, notably the UFO scene, UFOs in general, 911, and the growth of the 911 Truth Movement. SMiles will take us back to the zine scene of the 1980s and early 90s and talk about the explosion and evolution of esoterica on the internet. We'll also find out about SMiles's various projects which span the spectrum of esoteric media and, of course, tons more.

It's an all out jam session with one of the oftentimes unsung key figures in today's esoteric scene.

NEXT WEEK: Bill Chalker (Part 1),, Australian Ufology

BoA:Audio returns to Down Under for a lengthy conversation with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker. In this first installment, we'll be discussing the history of the UFO phenomenon in Australia, a plethora of key cases from Australian UFO history, and an in-depth look at Bill's forensic investigation into an alleged abduction that spawned his book "Hair of the Alien."

It's another international showcase for BoA:Audio as we continue our investigation of the global aspect of Ufology.


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