Jan 2, 2008

1.2.8 : Happy New Year & In-House Notes

Yeah, a little late with the New Year well wishes, but that's life. I hope you and yours had a great holiday season. Now ... onto 2008.

Khyron is still off for the holidays, so I figured I'd pontificate some here @ the binnall blog to fill some space @ BoA on the second day of the new year.

Upcoming @ BoA on Friday is the debut of our newest columnist Richelle Hawks who will be penning the weekly missive Medusa's Ladder. I'm thrilled to be kicking off 2008 @ BoA with Richelle's debut. She's a tremendous writer and I'm looking forward to seeing what she brings to the site week in and week out.

Saturday will see our annual look back at the past year @ BoA, as we did in 2005 and 2006. I'll save my big picture reflections on BoA for that piece.

One thing that I will discuss here is the revival of the binnall blog in 2007. At the risk of breaking the 4th wall too much, I would classify it as a modest success. On the one hand, I did manage to stay updating the blog throughout the year, but it has kind of melded too much into just a BoA:Audio preview and In-House Notes page. I will be doing my best to change that in '08, hoping to add more Feature Articles here and revive that part of BoA that has gone kind of dormant since around 2006 when the audio series starting taking away most of my time.

To that end, I am working on a couple of new pieces. One may turn into a multi-part affair where I look @ Ufology in 2007 and the other is a newfangled conspiracy theory that I have invented but don't really believe (you'll understand when you read it). I'm hesitant to even put a date on when those may be available for mass consumption, but I'd say within the next 10 days they ought to be more fleshed out.

Presumably by Sunday, we'll finish our annual "scrub down" of BoA, updating the general pages and tinkering with the look of the site. You may noticed this with the addition of the longer section for "Last 10 Updates" on the front page. Hopefully it will add to a feeling of freshness as the year begins to unfold.

On the BoA:Audio front, there's not much to report, aside from general inquiries being put out to various prospective guests. I am hopeful to be taping some stuff next week, but that depends on how quickly folks react to my requests. I will say that we have high hopes of continuing the international flavour that BoA:Audio has enjoyed in December with the UK's Nick Pope and Nick Redfern. I'm also trying to twist Lesley's arm and get her to do her first ever interview, but she's a tough negotiator, so I can't make any promises just yet.

I'll leave you with a plug for the BoA forum (known as theusofe.com). I don't do enough to promote it, which is unfortunate, since we have a great gang of folks that hang out there and post about esoterica, pop culture, BoA, and current events. It's definitly as off-kilter as BoA, as our current logo suggests. So check it out, register (it's free) and join in the discussion.


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