Dec 28, 2007

12.28.7 : Nick Redfern on BoA : Audio, preview

NOTE :: As a result of holiday delays, this week's audio will probably be posted on Sunday afternoon / evening. 1000 apologies and thanks for your patience.

THIS WEEK : Nick Redfern, "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter"

Ultra popular former BoA : Audio, Season One guest Nick Redfern returns to the program to help us close out 2007 and talk about his latest book, "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter". We'll discuss the personal elements to "Memoirs", Nick's big picture thoughts on what is really at work behind paranormal phenomenon, some fascinating perspective from Nick on present day Ufology, the deification of Roswell and how it could inadvertantly be devastating for the field. We get Nick's thoughts on handling new story leads, his field work in Texas looking for ghost lights, his two trips to Puerto Rico and how they changed his thoughts on the Chupacabra. Plus, the synchronicity theme of "Memoirs", UK field research v. US field research, the "lost mysteries of esoterica", questions from BoA staff and listeners, and tons more.

It's an enlightening two hour conversation with one of the fastest rising superstars in esoterica, Nick Redfern.


NEXT WEEK : No Episode

BoA : Audio will be on our annual winter hiatus.

Throughout January, we will be taping a whole new batch of interviews for 2008, featuring key figures in various esoteric fields.

All new BoA : Audio episodes will return at the end of January.



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